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Oh NO! My BIB just broke!



>Mine is having a little trouble too where the washer rests. I was wondering if the counterbore had a bit of an angle to it if it wouldn’t seat better. Depending on how the halves are clamped together, there can be quite a load driving the washer outward against the thin lip. I think that’s what happened to mine.<

Yes, there is a big load in that area. You took a really good pic. It appears from the pic that you miight be seating the washer a little high in the washer well. Perhaps your wrap is pushing the bolt up. If so, be sure to push the shaft down in the shaft well when you first attach the hanger, and before tightening. Then try to get the washer down in the shaft well before tightening.

If it fails, just send it in, or I can send you new parts.


That looks great. Did you get the mending braces and inner washers on correctly?



Thanks Bib.

Originally Posted by Bib
For the guys that are getting their new parts: Could you let me know when you receive them, and about any problems putting the hangers back together please? Just post in this thread if you wish.


Sorry for not checking this forum enough. I received your replacements on Tuesday, and had no trouble reconstructing the BiB (as you know from my e-mail to you). It might’ve been different if I hadn’t bothered studying it before taking it apart.
Thanks for the support!


That sounds great.



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