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Oh looky here! The CCH3.

Originally Posted by rootsnatty
How does it feel? I always thought it was a cool design but haven’t heard many good things about it.

I’m hanging 10.75 lbs now without any problems - and without a wrap. First I had some problems with slippage but within the first weeks I learned how to put it on my dick to fit properly.

Hey guys in the uk,

For the gripper pads, this stuff is what I used! I had some left over and found it to be perfect for this use! I don’t know this seller and am not affiliated with them at all, but this is the best description I could find of the product! Look around for something like this!…%3D141453688933

I finally got around to making one of these - was quite tricky getting the parts

I used some 1” diameter plastic tubing I had from some really crap shelves.
I cut tubing into 4” lengths - which was perfect for my size.

I used little grippers from wilko uk:…mm/invt/0344752

A S hook from wilko:…mm/invt/0261106

And cohesive bandage wrapped around each tube to keep the grippers in place!

And bandage to keep the S-Hook in place

I initially used para-cord as the cabling - but it’s really clunky and un-smooth and snags a lot - so I switched to this super smooth almost silk like cord from another store - just as strong as para-cord, can’t tell you what it’s called or the make - since I didn’t buy it (thanks mom lmao!).

It took a few attempts to put it on correctly but I’ve been using CCH3 for a week now it’s great - I started with 5kg - but it was too much so I switched to 3.5kg. It’s cool - it’s pretty stable when you put it on correctly - I don’t think it could go above 5kg without some padding to push the grippers out. It’s super comfortable and I hang without a wrap.

It’s a great design - well done - I’m un-cut so hangers have always been a problem (my captains wrench looked ace - but just didn’t work well).

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