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Oh looky here! The CCH3.

Hi, just want to ask what’s gripper made of? I can’t find any gripper here in our town. Maybe I can use alternative instead of this kind of gripper. Tnx

I don’t live in the states so I can’t go search for “gripper” either. What material is it made of? What is it meant to be used for? So I can find an equivalent.

I’ve been having the same problem. I’m in Ontario and I can find everything except that and it’s really frustrating.

It’s a sheet of.. 1/4” thick (I’m guessing) material that’s adhesive on one side and soft rubbery material on the other. It’s used for furniture that is on hardwood floors or other types of easily damaged flooring. The idea behind it is to cut out shapes from it and stick it to the part of furniture that touches the floor. Personally I think it’s horrible for what it was intended for and does much better as hanger material

When I made one, I think I used some thick felt with sticky back, like is also used on chair legs to prevent scratching the floor. Hardware stores have it.

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Put some picture with your device on

Does it matter if you hang it vertical or horizontal or is it just whatever is most comfortable to the person?


Your question is unclear. Are you questioning which is the best angle to hang; where horizontal would imply a SO (Straight Out) hang and vertical would imply SD (Straight Down)? If so then search the hanging forum, because different angles attack different penis structures.

But if you are asking how to attach the cch3; with the hanger pressing on the top and bottom of your shaft, versus with the hanger pressing on the sides of your shaft, then the answer is that is must be attached on the sides. There are nerve bundles along the the top of the shaft that can be damaged by applying the hanger improperly.

Also, have you done the newbie routine before attempting a hanging regimen? If not you should start there.

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Yes I started off doing the newbie routine and I have still been jelqing but the manual stretches werent really for me so I figured hanging would be a good substitute for that. So I made the CC hanger and had tryed both ways and attaching it to the sides was alot more comfortable but on the post where it showed how to build it, it didnt say how to put it on.Thanks though.

Any suggestions for the carving knife?

I think I will build this hanger, since I can’t afford the BIB hanger. Has anyone posted their results/experiences with this?

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This looks like a very good design. At first I thought I’ll be using Captn’s Wench once (if ever) I start hanging, but this definitely looks more interesting.
I really like the simplicity of it and no need for wrap at lower weights. Also, for those of us who live outside of USA, needed parts seem a lot easier to come by compared to parts for Captn’s Wench.

I’d like to hear more opinions and experiences if there are people out there who tried it.

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Can’t find grippers where I am either, will have to look for alternatives

Awesome design!! I’m building myself one tomorrow! I think I, like alot of people, am going to find it hard to find the gripper stuff too but I was going to buy a cheap mouse pad and hopefully that should suffice?


I have my hanger completed exept for the Grippers, it looks like we are all having problems finding these. I live in the uk do you know a website I can buy them from? Or do you have the bar code or something on the back of the packet? Cheerz!

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Think I maybe just made an improvement to your choker, I tried using nylon at first like in the diagram which worked fine. I was rooting through my tool shed this morning and came across a roll of garden strimmer wire the plastic type stuff. I replaced the cords with this and theres no friction what so ever and it’s applying much more force stopping the slippage :)

Still looking for some grippers though

15/03/10 - Starting size (6.0" length x 5.0" girth) Progress Report

03/09/15 - Current size (6.5" length x 5.5" girth)

??/??/?? - Goal size (8.0" length x 6.0" girth) Syler wants a bigger dick to hurt you with!


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