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Number of sets

Number of sets

Bib (and y’all, yes you too),

I’ve been reading some on the mechanism of stretching, and there seem to be two major players here: “stretch reflex” for quick short stretches, which is the actual start of the stretch, going from “non stretched” to “stretched” and the “stretch reflex” for the longer stretches. As in hanging for 20m straight with a constant stretch.

Perhaps this is why manual stretch for, even just a few minutes, is so productive ? Because of wearing out of the “short stretch reflex” and then holding for 10-20 seconds for the “longer stretch reflex” ? Other then hanging a lot each day, you also did many sets, right ? Has anyone tried doing many 5 minutes hanging sessions ?



I have thought about this subject quite a bit. I do not know about only the short sets, and I assume you mean with a lot of weight. I think penismith did this. But I don’t know how it turned out.

There are at least two types of tissue stressed at any given angle. The elastin tissues and the collagenous tissues. The elastin are what retract the penis when flaccid and can expand to several times their length. The collagenous are tougher and do not stretch naturally very well.

Flaccid lengths are made when the elastin tissues are changed to no longer be able to retract to the previous degree. Erect gains are made when both the elastin tissues are stretched beyond starting status and collagenous tissues are stretched beyond starting status.

It has always made sense to me that the longer either of these tissues is subjected to a greater than marginal stretch, gains should be made. It would be interesting to know if the shorter, more stressful sessions would be beneficial. Someone in ‘the experiment’ should try it.


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