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Numb sitting at edge of chair hanging.

Numb sitting at edge of chair hanging.

Anyone else get numb in the ass and groin and sometimes into the shaft when hanging sitting at the edge of the chair? I get this whether hanging or not. Its like if you lay on your arms Sleeping and they start to go numb.

Anyhow, if so, and someone has found a way to avoid, what was it?


I think it is pretty normal, even if you are not hanging. Maybe try another chair?

I do seated hanging with a pillow to stop numbness, but also to stop the weights hitting the floor as I stretch out.

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It’s normal I get it once in a while.

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If you get up and move around every ten minutes or so or just stand up it will stop. We don’t need any help going numb do we?(rhetorical).


Padded office chair helps.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks guys. I understand its normal, just curious to hear what others do.

Looks like there is a market for a “Hangers Chair (TM) by subbuilder” with a slot cut from the front, half way into the seat! Like a you-shaped toilet seat, but more comfortable! (For some reason it keeps changing the letter you to you)


Add a removable cushion to hide is when not in use and maybe a high back to support weights for OTS hanging and maybe we got something.

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