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No more weights for me.



Still using this system?

Really cool stuff. This looks like a great way to fine tune tension. Now it’s just a matter of setting it up under my desk… hmmm..


"HALT! This is a no-turtle zone."

5/14/09 - BPEL 7.0" BPFSL 8.25" EG 4.5"

1/1/10 - BPEL 7.5" BPFSL 9.0" EG 5.0" - GOAL

Here is a simple setup I was using a while back for Static Progressive Stretching. I drilled a ¼’’ hole approximately 3’ above the mattress through a stud on the wall behind my bed. The length of chain is 3’ long. You could replace the turnbuckle with a spring loaded fish scale in order to apply dynamic tension instead.

I also wrapped a rice sock around my penis behind my hanger.

I enjoyed this as I was able to relax into the stretch while visualizing my penis getting longer. This was a nice break to all the hours I spent hanging while sitting at my desk.

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Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)


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