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No more twists for Wombat!!

No more twists for Wombat!!

I’d been struggling with twisting in my bib (45 degrees either left or right) over the past 4 weeks or so. I knew it was bad to hang with a twist but I thought I’d just peg away carefully regardless and hopefully stumble across the magical settings that would stop the twist (tried new settings every day).
Unfortunately my gungho approach caught up with me and I had to stop hanging altogether as I started to get sharp pains during & after PE.
I tried many variations on wrapping: more theraband, less theraband, t-shirt underwrap, double t-shirt underwrap, t-shirt wrap only….etc
I tried toeing out the bib, toeing in, loads of settings.

After a week away from hanging I came back to it yesterday and have finally got it sorted -it’s a fantastic feeling!! :D

What worked for me is nothing new and has been discussed on other threads before but it did take some digging around so for the sake of any others out there still struggling I thought I might as well post what worked in my case.

[I am uncut with a flacid girth of 4.125” by the way and using the bib starter]
-I opened out the bottom gaps much wider than before (no toe in/out in my case) so I can see 12 threads in each adjuster.
-I wrap with 2 strips of t-shirt material (12x2”) and start the wrap with my bellend pulled out (carefully using a noose tied to my radiator as a 3rd hand).
-My foreskin is pulled back at this point but I dont worry about pulling all the loose stuff back to the base.
-The wraps start about the same position as recommended for the bib but bearing in mind I’m not pulling the head out, I make sure to leave .25 to .5” of foreskin between the wraps and the coronal ridge.
-I now attach the bib but I don’t stretch the head out as when wrapping.

The small section of foreskin between the wrap and the coronal ridge will now balloon a little and the bib will pull the head down into the wrap and the ballooned skin slightly as the bib is tightened. Now this is the important bit. Because the ballooned skin is now making good contact with the lower part of the head it means that if the head starts to twist slightly (it seems to want to twist in this setup but now only approx 10 to 20 degrees) I can grasp the end of the head and gently twist it within the foreskin back to the correct position and the friction of the ballooned foreskin against the head will keep it snugly in that position.

Anyway, thats it folks -it worked for me so it may not work for everyone but it might be of use to someone.
Perhaps I should have tagged this on to the end of a twist thread -dunno, I’ll leave that up to the moderators to move it if they wish.

Current: 6.125 x 5

Goal: 7.5 x 6

Interesting information… Thanks for digging that up. I’m not using a bib (yet), but I think parts of this could be applicable to other types of hangers.

I have a problem with twist — If I was looking straight down at my dick while hanging and say the slit pefectly postioned would be 12 (top) and 6 (bottom), my dick tends to go 9 and 3. I’ve just been holding in the correct position for the time being… I do have a little bit of a natural twist though — about 11 and 5.

I’d like to get rid of this twist (especially while hanging), hopefully this will help.


Thanks for providing the information.


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