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No gains after 6 months

No gains after 6 months

I would say i’ve been hanging for about a year but really the first 6 months were on and off periods where I was learning about hanging and not doing things regularly.

Before starting hanging I had already recieved all the gains I could possibly get from jelqing. Anyway for the past 5-6 months I’ve been hanging fairly religiously and yet it seems I’ve made little progress if any.

With my homemade bib hanger I have been putting in on average about an hour in a day for 5 days in the week. My break days vary. Sometimes it’s 3 days on and then a break sometimes it’s 2 days on. I’m uncut so due to the pain my times of hanging also change sometimes I do sets of 20 minutes sometimes I do sets of 15 or 10 minutes.

After hanging I will if I have time keep myself stretched out with some light weights for about an hour. Usually I will heat up for about 5-10 minutes before a hang and also sometimes heat on the after stretch. I’ve also experimented with ice on a cool down while it’s stretched out.

I’ve tried all day hanging through various methods but so far have found it uncomfortable so haven’t really persisted with it.

The weights I use will vary but usually I hang until I feel a stretch on the ligs. For the first 3 months or so I was hitting my right side and hanging at an angle. After 3 months I realized I wasn’t gaining but I could still feel the stretch in the ligs on my right side. I decided that perhaps I just needed to hit another angle and let the right side heal. So I’ve been hitting the centre when I’m in a sitting position. Here i’ve not felt the lig pull so much but still i’ve carried on for the last 2 months.

My maximum weight, that I will rarely use is about 7.5kg but usually a hanging session will be at about 3.5 - 5.5. I guess 4.5 is about average. Really the weight depends on 2 things. a) Can I feel the pull in the ligs and b) is it painfull in on my penis. These 2 factors will determine if I go down in weight or not. For this week I’ve been hanging very lightly just because the head of my penis is hurting, but I have thought it is still better to hang light at 2kg-3kg than hang nothing at all even if it means I don’t feel a good stretch in the ligs.

So what am I doing wrong? 6 months of work with neglegible gains (if any) really isn’t economical. I hope from reading this post it’s obvious to the everyone what I’m doing wrong.

delectric, I have just started hanging myself, but I can comment on what I have read from various sites.

Divide and Conquer

Firstly know at what angle you are going to hang. What are you targeting? SD, BTC, SO, OTS? In my view you must know what to target, why and when. For example, if you are hanging BTC but you have exhausted gains here or are not setup to gain, you could hang from now to 2020 and see no gains, since gains are finite. While LOT theory, exit point and the palpatation test are all theories, I do believe they give a good indication of where you should be targeting with your hanging. So firstly know what angle you are hanging at and have as much evidence/theories to support why.


You by your own admission have been inconsistent. Think about what we are doing with hanging. We are forcing the body into doing something it doesn’t naturally want to do by applying a traction. For me you must be consistent in applying that traction, you must keep the tissue etc in an extended state for them to repair in an extended state. You must hang every day most likely 7 days per week. The minimum I see suggested is 10 hours per week, that is 1hr 20m per day everyday. Perhaps you may need to drop your time now and then or take a day off or target another angle, but you must maintain traction on a consistent basis.

“Breaking” a few eggs

I think it is hard for anyone to say what weights anyone can see gains at. You personally must differentiate between pain and that “stretched” feeling. Pain bad, stretched feeling good. Sooner or later I think you have to be getting that stretched feeling on a consistent basis, you have to break a few eggs to get the results, without crossing the fine line into pain.

You should not feel pain hanging, if you are in the head, it suggests your wrapping may be wrong. I equally don’t like your scatter gun approach to weights. I don’t go weight lifting with a 50% variation in the weights I use, again, you have to slowly increase the weight you use in a consistent manner. Drop Setting as regards weights is a valid system to target fibres, however, the drop is usually 10-15%.

Create the platform

If we are forcing the body to do something it doesn’t really want to and then repair that, I think it important the body is healthy in general. Ensure you are generally a healthy person, your diet is well balanced and in general you have created a platform for your body to repair itself once you have done the “damage” to it via hanging.

My main advice would be to return to square one. What angles are you hanging at and how do you justify that? Be consistent and dedicated in both the duration you hang and the weights in which you progress. Show patience, yet progress slowly and steadily. In general ensure you are as healthy as you can be, no smoking, no boozing, well stacked on your essential vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs and fats. I believe if you follow these factors you are set to gain, although gains are never certain.

01/08/07: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" EG ::: 26/05/10: 7.3" BPEL, 5.4" MSEG, [My Progress Pics] - [My Routine]

Revised Min Final Objective: [/b] 7.75" BPEL (33% increase), 5.5" MSEG

Does your routine only include hanging?

Ruz, thanks for your advice. How often do you change the angle of your hang? I mean should you hang for a long time at one angle and then change or chust a week or even a day? Lot theory I’ve read it once and didn’t quite understand it but I thought if I hang and I feel the hand in the ligs then I will gain! I’ll have to have another read. My dick bends heavily to one side I don’t know if that has a bearing. I think I got a little dragged down with some of the jargoni in the Lot thread. I mean I don’t even know what you mean by ‘SD, BTC, SO, OTS’. I’ve have seen people say that 5 hours is also ok but the gains will be slower. And then there’s mixed advice of whether to hang everyday or take rest days etc which all gets confusing. What sort of weights are you hanging with? Also it seems like you’ve had pretty good gains. But do you think that a lot of the gains you have made have come from from jelqing? I mean I found I gained a good quick inch with jelqing in no time at all. What about with heat etc?

As for health i’m very healthy so there’s no problem there. :)

Other things I do include jelqing inbetween sets around 50-100. On days off and also sometimes on hang days I do clamping which I have found can really increase girth quickly but i’m wondering if this is permenant? I think maybe the gains are not permenant in the same way that stretching your ligs are.

Thanks for your help.


Ruz_ is hanging about 2.5 pounds, he just started hanging (as have I), so none of his gains are from hanging yet. He’s got a progress thread if you want to check that out though.

These are all different categories of angles to hang at:
SD- Straight Down
BTC- Between The Cheeks (butt)
SO- Straight Out
OTS- Over The Shoulder
OTL- Over The Leg

This is some basic stuff, so if you didn’t know about this, you definitely need to do some more reading on hanging. There are different ligament bundles that you can hit through different angles, and you may want to read up on bib’s “divide and conquer” theory. Good luck man.

Thanks for the encouragement RandomGiant, I’ll do some more reading. I’ve actually read quite a lot (although perhaps not as much as I thought). The problem I think is the different advice that you find everywhere.

Sure thing. Yeah I agree that it can be pretty overwhelming at times, I’m sure you probably know more than I do. You just apparently skipped some of the basics! :)

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