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No gain 1st mn with Bib hanger . .


No gain 1st mn with Bib hanger . .

Hi guys,

I’m a little dissappointed (Ok alot . .) that I didn’t gain any length the first month of hanging.

Earlier I posted that I had gained 1/2” in the past month. However, after I read you weren’t supposed to measure right after Pe-ing, I measured again the next day.

Dissappointingly, I hadn’t gained any length at all. Zilch, nada. Am I expecting too much? I’ve worked hard. Will gains come later? Or do I need to change my routine.

Routine as follows: 7 lbs bib hanging, 3x20 twice a day, 5 on/ 2 off. 10 hours a week.

Hey guys, I’d really appreciate your imput. Am I expecting too much, too soon? Probably, huh?

Later . . LS

Are you a half-inch longer post-workout? That’s a lot for your size percentage wise.

I believe if you were to “edge” for 15 min. you will see that full length.

Keep hanging. There is no better workout for length, in my opinion.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG


You only need to make one thread ya know.

>Dissappointingly, I hadn’t gained any length at all. Zilch, nada. Am I expecting too much?<


> I’ve worked hard. Will gains come later?<


>Or do I need to change my routine. <

If you want you could add more hang time.

>Hey guys, I’d really appreciate your imput. Am I expecting too much, too soon?<


>Probably, huh?<


Short answers are fun!


Yes, I was half an inch longer post-workout.

What do you mean by “edge”? I haven’t heard of that.

Later . . LS


Thanks for your post. Just wanted some imput.

Later . . LS

Nost. Are you sure you’re measuring under the same circumstances, same ruler, same method, same state of arousal? Are your measurments Erect or Flaccid Stretch?
CC is right: 1/2” difference at your size is a big percentage.

And someone with more knowledge could answer this, but isn’t it true that an erection at 100% can’t possibly fluctuate that much (1/2”???) one day to the next? Wouldn’t that throw the whole concept of gradual deformation on its ear?
1/2” discrepancy at 4 3/4” is huge if Nost is measuring when erect. I don’t see how it is physically possible.


I measured erect after a hanging session. What didn’t you see could be physically possible?

I didn’t understand what you meant.

Later . . LS

I have experienced the same thing- however, at three months I think I can honestly say that I’ve definitely experienced at the very least a .25” gain, and at the most 9/16”- and that factors in variable erection strengths, etc.

It seems I recall somebody senior here saying that gains don’t really kick in ‘til 20 lbs. is hung… I’m currently at 17.5 lbs.

Anybody in the know want to clarify/affirm/refute that idea (20 lbs. being threshold weight for significant gain)?

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

-Bertrand Russell


I’m going to leave this to the vets to answer. I was under the impression that the integrity of a fully erect penis could not be compromised all that much length wise during a short period of time. If so, who wouldn’t use this to their advantage pre-sex, etc? I understand that the tunica can expand laterally (sometimes impressively) when engorged - just read up on the uli thing. And a flaccid stretch can deviate severely from an erect measurement. I know pumpers use temporary engorgement and fluid build up to their advantage. I don’t think you’re pumping?

But the question is whether a 100% erection can fluctuate so much day to day. Maybe at much larger lengths ie, 8” and up you could find a deviation of 1/2”- I wouldn’t know.

I’m prone to think your measuring method is the culprit, here. But there may be something I’m not aware of that someone in the know could say to shed light on this?


The state of arousal at the time of measurement could certainly have an effect on size. I don’t pump.
I believe I measured the same way both times.
Under the PE Data Site, they say not to measure after PEing, but to wait and measure on a day off.

Who knows???

Later . . LS


Whatever comes of this, CC’s suggestion that you keep hanging is a good one. I’d hit it nice and hard right about now, if I were you. Maybe you’re very close to gains and need to push it more.

I think it also says something about spacing out measuring (not that a month like you took is bad). But it’s another reason why I’m keeping my measurings at least six weeks apart now, even though I’m convinced I’ve registered nice gains. I think six weeks gives a reliable time for gains of lack of gains to genuinely reveal themselves.

I’m really sorry to hear this. You must be bummed. But I think you’re doing the right thing by saying it out loud.


“Edging” is where you wack off but don’t cum. If you do this a few times, your dick will get to a maximum state of engorgement and you will notice it.

Measure your length when you reach that point. It takes me about 15 min, if I don’t rush it, to get to maximum engorgement.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

I think that i am qualified to address the measurement discrepancy issue here, for a couple of different reasons. To learn who i am read the 9+” El thread. I tend to think kind of detailed and technical, so if you can put up with that i think i can help you figure it out.

The short answer is yeah, there could be a difference in measurements. For two reasons:

1) You were just stretching. Think about stretching for a work out. Your flexibility and range of motion is better after stretching. Same thing for your dick, you just got a better length meas b/c you’re a little looser. After i get through hanging, sometimes it’s hard not to get an erection, & i always have a ruler nearby to see where i am on any spontaneous erection.

(& sometimes i get a measurement that i haven’t been getting b/c of the fatigue factor. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bullshit meas. It is an indication of where you’ll be once you’ve cemented that meas. And those differences in meas will keep happening if you keep gaining, it’s not unusual, it’s a reality of hanging. But for me the “upswing” in meas only happens once. What i mean is: if i get one of those spontaneous erections after hanging, it might have a length that i haven’t had in a while but if i try to coax an erection right after that i won’t get that same length. Unless i maybe go through w/ a complete masturbation with edging and measure throughout to see where i am.)

2) The reason why you might not be getting the same measurement the next day is b/c of the fatigue factor. You’ve got to get fatigued to grow. But being fatigued prevents super EQ (erection quality), therefore the different meas.

And in way, a 1/2” difference (a 10% increase in your case) would be a lot, but i suppose stranger shit has happened. PE is an inexact science, all sorts of variables come in to play (& going into all of them would make this post text book length). And depending on your erection angle before you began hanging, a 1/2” increase would not be absolutely impossible, think of Bib’s theory on quick gains from ligs after 1st starting to hang.

Also, w/ all due respect to Bib, i don’t think that lig gains can ever be 100% “tapped out”. Think about doing a split. How long do your ligs have to get to be able to do a split? (long as hell, right) But i agree that focusing 100% on ligs after you’ve got a very low LOT would not be EFFICIENT.

And as far as CaptnHook’s thoughts on those being 8” or more having greater meas differences: Yeah, it only stands to reason. The percentage might be the same but the specific numbers might be very different due to the difference in various PE’ers lengths. Read the 9+” El thread to see some of the different meas i get based on fatigue and EQ.

Example: (1st let me define SUPER EQ: When everything is taunt and tight. Your glans is completely engorged, your shaft is stiff and your ligs and inner penis is nice and tight.)The last time i had a super quality erection was in September, and i had a 9 3/16” meas. But since that time i’ve had a 9 3/16” meas where none of the 3 necessary factors of super EQ existed. And i had 9.25” measurements on several occasions where some of the factors existed but never all three, which leads me to guesstimate that with super EQ i’m probably about 9 1/2”.

Which brings me to another point: With my length these fatigue and EQ issues are not an obstacle in my sex life (i’m straight. But as the Seinfeld episode goes “not that there’s anything wrong with that” [the alternative]) but for shorter guys, these factors might be a problem. With my length, i obviously have enough length necessary for stroking with fatigue and poor EQ. But a shorter guy might have to take those factors into account, and allow himself to “recover” to be able to have functional sex when he thinks he might get lucky.

So in that sense PE is a two edged sword. You want to PE for use during sex. But until you’re a certain size PE might be an obstacle to functional fucking. Just something to keep in mind if you’re experiencing problems in your sex life.

And incidentally, i don’t think that measuring after hanging should be avoided. Like i said, it is an indication of where you’ll be if you keep gaining and cement that meas. Measuring after jelqing might be a different matter though.

Hopefully you found something in there to benefit you. I picked up some things from reading here so hopefully “giving back” will be good karma.

Nice post.

>in September, and i had a 9 3/16” meas. But since that time i’ve had a 9 3/16” meas where none of the 3 necessary factors of super EQ existed. And i had 9.25” measurements on several <

Poor bastard.I feel for you. I really do.

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