Newbies to hanging - discoloration

Hey guys, just wanted to post my two cents!

I was hanging with a Capt ‘n’s Wench at a low weight, as I recently started hanging a couple of months ago, and notice blue/cold discoloration of the glans. Of course this concerned me as I was trying to move from the 10 minute sets up to the 15 minute sets and figured I had to be doing something wrong.

So lo and behold I found the infamous BIB wraps and it never once dawned on me the importance of two full first wraps (I use tensor bandage). Now I hang at 7.5 lb’s for 15 minutes x 3 without any discoloration at all and am very excited to know I’m not damaging or hurting the vessels in my glans now!

So this is to the Newbies, USE THE SEARCH BUTTON to find your answers and do it right! I started off over 5 years ago at 5.75 inches and am pushing hard to exceed the 7.5 inch mark BPL now and the hanging is showing a slow increase, but an increase nonetheless and I hope to hit the 8 inch mark through hanging, fingers crossed, within the year!

Thanks Thunder’s Place, this forum truly rocks!


Then: BPEL = 5.75 EG = 4.5 (2005)

Now: BPEL = 7.38 EG = 5.25 (2007)

Time spent = 1+ year commited