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newbie sock hanger....

newbie sock hanger....

I am new to pe and choose to do hanging. I started last week, i made a homemade divece but didnt like it so since last wed. i have be hanging with a sock. I only hang for 10 to 15 minutes a night, is that enough? Will it take longer to make any length gains? I havent taken a night a night off, should i? Any and all of your replies would be great.

Whoa ???

Most guys go through at least several months of manual stretching, squeezes and jelquing before getting into hanging, and this will give the tissues time to get used to the new forces that they are being asked to withstand without injury. Hanging puts a lot of pressure on the penis, and you need to toughen it up before getting serious.

Without knowing how you’ve attached it, and what weight you’re able to put in it it’s difficult to comment as to whether your sock will work. Your reading of the newbie sections for hanging should telll you that you need to have a couple of pounds to start hanging.

I guess that it must be attached by knotting it somehow at the back of the glans. In general terms, these “noose” type devices put a lot of pressure just behind the head, and cut off the blood. I reckon therefore it won’t work.

On first impression from your post , my recommendation is that you need to get a lot more knowledge of what you’re doing before you get into hanging.

There is a wealth of knowlege here to read and “wise up” on so that you don’t injure yourself…..possibly permanently!!!.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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If you keep hanging this way you may become impotent before you see any size increases.

I tried jelqing and stretching first but i didnt like it. Oh what i mean is i kept getting erections and and i got sores. I am only hanging like 2 to 3 pounds. So anyhow you think i should stop?


Stop with the sock hanging if you want to keep a healthy unit.


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