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newbie hanging dilemma

newbie hanging dilemma

Hi Guys,

I’ve been lurking around for here for a while, been playing around with PE for about a year off and on.

About a month ago I decided to take it seriously and started using a bib hanger on alternate days. I really love hanging and seem to have no pain at all or head swelling, just a dull burn.
My problem is because I feel no pain and my old fella hasn’t got briused or banged up I’ve gone from 2kg (4.4lbs) to 7.5kg (16.5lbs) in a month!!
And I free I could go for more.

I read an old thread last night and Thunder mentioned you could toughen the ligs rather than stretch them if you move up in weight too quickly, which would kill any gains. Is this true?

Heres my routine.

5min rice sock warm up

3 20min sets at 7.5kgs

with a 10 min break in between with light massaging

20min power jelq with 2mins of head and shaft squeezes to finish.

With this routine my dick is bloody enormous after the workout. I’ve already added .5” too my flacid length, no noticable erect gains, although I haven’t measured yet.
My gf keeps commenting that its getting bigger and he certainly looks bigger, I just don’t want too over do it and stunt any future gains.

My starting stats when I started about a year ago were 5.5x4”bpfl (not sure about girth, cant remember) 7.2-7.4”x5bpel erect length yo-yo’s
I measured flacid the other day and it was up to 6” and erect is looking more like 7.5” and my erections a much stronger.

Your help and advice would be apprieciated.


Just to add I just measured my flacid girth and semi erect girth (couldn’t get a full one:)

Flacid 5” semi erect 6”

I’m just about to have another hanging session. I hoped I would have had a reply before I hung again but no worries.

See you in the funny pages.

Well just too be safe I’ve halved the weight and i’m hanging 3kgs (6.6lbs) btc.

I’m hanging as I type this so excuse any mistakes but as I have always hung btc this weight feels very light. But I guess its better to be safe than sorry.

Now I’ve halved the weight will my dick respond or is it too late.

Your thoughts would be apprieciated


You were exposing your ligs to a heavy load and then allowing them plenty of time to fully recover and strengthen. Certainly not ideal.

Try to hang consecutive days, only resting when really needed. Often, you can just reduce the weight or do fewer sets instead of taking time entirely off.

Fatigue builds not only over a single session but over a period of days. You want to reach and then maintain a comfortable level of fatigue. I try to take as few days off as possible because each time I rest I’m forced back to square one.

Try the reduced weight, but hang every day. You may need more than 6.6 lbs. Give it a few days, and then if you aren’t feeling some fatigue add a little more weight, maybe another kilogram. Then use that for several days. Again, if no fatigue, bump it up a little more. You should use the least amount of weight necessary.

Increase the number of sets (gradually) if you can. The variables are time and tension. They are, to an extent, inversely related. Increasing the time allows you to get more effect from less weight.

Thanks Hobby,

I’ll give it a try.

I had a a pretty good workout last night but I think 6.6lbs is too light but as you suggested I’ll try it for a few days and see how that goes.


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