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Newb Hanging

Newb Hanging

Hey everyone now people will probably laugh at me but I’m not really you know rich. And I’m not well with crafts so when I first tried hanging all I could really do. Or actually the way I tried was I went and got my shoes (Nike air force 1’s white white mid) and got the shoe lace (after wrapping half a sock around my dick) and tied it over the cushion (sock) then let it hang. After about a week I noticed significant gains in my flaccid length (about an inch I only hung for fun) but only one shoe wasn’t really enough so I got my other and just kept adding stuff in it (a few rocks etc.)

But now the gains I had are not apparent anymore. Can anyone explain this. It’s like when I hung I gained length and less girth but now my dick is fat and small :-(

Hmm.. The real mystery here is why your dick is still attached to your body and not hiding in some undisclosed location where you can’t get your hands on it. In other words, stop using a shoelace as a hanger. You are going to hurt yourself.

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Yup. You shouldn’t start hanging until 4-6 months has passed. If you started PEing on October and went straight to hanging, then well I don’t have much to say.

You probably overworked the penis, so now you may have lost any gains. And if your going to hang, at least post the equipment your going to use in the hangers forum so that people can critique it. A shoelace??

My first time was with a belt a couple of years ago after seeing an advertisement for penis pills telling you that you dont need to “hang painful weights anymore”. I got red spots on my head and the (5lb) weight slipped a little, only did one set, which lasted about 5-10 minutes. Just buy a hanger or read the site on how to construct your own, which would be a lot cheaper, and they’re not that hard to make.

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Yea you need to spend alot more hours here reading and sucking up on info. Your a newbie and should not even attempt to hang. You should be doing the newbie workout routine. You well see some better results from that. Plus you gotta condition your dick for hanging or the girth workouts. If you don’t have $100 bucks which isn’t all that much money, you should make your own. There are alot of guys who have made a wrench and can give you advice on how to put it together if you can’t. I own a starter bib which I feel is better then the bigger one. Your post is very confusing to. I gained girth with hanging. Just 1/4 but it was a gain. BUY OR MAKE YOUR OWN HANGER though this site. And do the newbie routine. This doesn’t happen over night.

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