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Hello all, i am new to pe and have a few questions. I read everything on this great site and well thinks its great! I started jelqing about a month ago and did that untill last week. I stopped because in short i just dont like doing it, i would much perfer to hang, especailly since length is what i want. I am just 17 and cannot buy a hanger online or anything so i need to make one. I heard you can attach a sock to the middle of your penis and put stuff in the sock to make it heavier, is that safe? If not what is the best way to make a hanger? And how long is the max i can hang for? Thanks!

Newbie hanger


You need to do a search on hanging and homemade devices. I hang using what called the ‘swim cap’ method. I use a rubber mechanics glove that is available at NAPA. It works pretty well but I cannot stress enough, get out there and do your own research. You only have one penis, Be Careful.

Go to the personal routine page and check out a few of the guys that hang and have had large gains.

When you hang, you should only hang for 15-20 minutes max. If you want to hang more, give yourself a break do a 5-minute warm rap and then go at it again. You’re a newbie so you should start at 5-10 max, work up to heavier weights and times. Don’t do anything that is painful!!

You’re starting early I wish I had found this site when I was your age.

Good luck,



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Re: new....

Originally posted by latinoj77
I am just 17 and cannot buy a hanger online or anything so i need to make one.

I see… hmm. That can be dangerous.

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