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New way to hang, Penisflex:

New way to hang, Penisflex:

I have the BIB hanger. I have found that instead of hooking weights up to the hook on the hanger, that tying a thin maybe nylon rope to a stick with an eye bolt, that you can use your legs to stretch . The key is to make the length of the rope short enough that your legs are slightly bent. Your legs are many times stronger then your arms, and just a little bit of pressure by stretching your legs out will put the same stress that you get, or even greater then hanging weights. You can also regulate your stress as much as you want. I do squats and deadlifts in the gym to strengthen my legs, but I think that the fatique level is low overall. The other advantage is you can (with a little practice) change your angles by raising your legs. I have at a tremendous stretch at my ligs and plan to set the hanger closer to the head on my second twenty minute session. I have mentioned using a stick with an eye bolt or hook, I lift weight and have a tee bar for tricep extensions or rows, I tied a nylon rope to the eye and that was it. It takes a few tries to get the length on the rope right but once you have it your good. When I first thought of this I just tied a rope to my foot and had my one leg partial bent and then stretched with my hanger. I guess this isn’t really a hang but more of a stretch, more Bowflex (or Penisflex) then weight hanging. Believe me, you can stretch the hell out of your rod with these.
I like these much better, no clanging from weights, I can lay on my bed and talk to my girlfriend and do these comfortably. I suppose this would also work well with the DLD’S.
I just started these this week so I don’t have any long term results, but I thought it was so promising that I wanted to get it out there to all of you who have helped me.

My story is I bought a BIB hanger in I think July, used it for a few weeks and had a roughly 3/8” gain. Got laid off from my job for 4 months, during this period including another month or two I stopped PE. I just started hanging 3 weeks ago and haven’t had any gain in this time. I thought of the method above to make PE easier. I now also jelk and find it to really help with my flaccid length.
I am 6 5/8” NBP
Girth 4 ¾” to 4 7/8” (not happy with that)

I hope my discovery helps, I like it a lot, it so much quicker and quieter to set up hanger, I mean stretch. This may also help with some of you who want to stretch all day.



This sounds pretty neat and efficient. Keep us updated.

Did you keep your gains after laying off for so long?


Thanks BIB for your interest.
Yes, I have retained my gains. About my post, I think that some people maybe not all will get something out of this stretching method. At the end of each 20 minute session of these my ligaments are burning. Of course the proof of all this is if it is effective over time, and I think it shows enough potential to work. What a relief to just hook up to my tee bar, and to PE with a minimum amount of leg stretch. I have been experimenting with elevating heights with pillows to change the angles. Of course it all starts with a great hanger. Thanks for that.

Take care,

Hey Slider

I am a proud Bib hanger user and I like your idea. Is there any way you can make a drawing or better, take a photo for the board? Thanks

Hi Vivace:

I’ll try to think of a way to make a drawing up of it, or maybe someone can tell me how I can make a drawing that can be downloaded by members. Until then I’ll try to give a better verbal description.

This is one version.
Lay on your bed with your head propped up and your hanger hooked up as usual. Across the bottom of your feet you would have a stick, bar, pole, or pipe with a short length of rope either tied to the middle or made up to an eye bolt, and then fasten it to you hanger as you weights used to be. The key is to adjust the length so that it is short of you being able to stretch your legs out. Your legs should be comfortably slightly bent. Now just stretch you legs out to get tension back on the hanger and your penis. It takes very little pressure to mimic hanging. It’s really a breeze to do it like this, and what a stretch. I’m using a rowing bar with a hole for fastening to a pully but I think it’s a little to heavy and I think I’m going to use a heavy broomstick with an eyebolt on center. Then you can do these laying, sitting, or feet up in the air.
It’s just a stick with a rope tied to it, tied to your hanger. Keep the rope short enough to allow your legs to cause tension by stretching your legs out. I will keep everyone up to date on my progress.
I hope that helps, good luck.


Good idea, Slider.

If you’d like your rope to be adjustable in length, use a taut-line hitch.

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Thanks Hobby, I made a copy of it and I’m going to try it.


'nother idea

i do this same technique quite a bit. however, i use a length of stretchy theraband or bunji cord to get real spring, and you don’t have to keep your legs tensed.

allright guys, why is a bunji cord called a bunji cord?

‘cause it was invented by benjamin k. bunji!

(little did he know that one of its many uses would be: penis enlargement… snicker snicker)

bill in washington

soon to be: bill in boston



Understood. I got the gist in the first post, but for some reason I did not get the picture. I am sawing my broom stick now and looking for an eye hook in my junkdrawer. The clanking weights limit my hang time when my family is around. Thanks

Hey Vivace:
Another thing I did last night was to flip my bar over my shoulder and add tension by just lifting my shoulder a bit. This was good because I was able to get an upward pull. I could never do this with just weights. It was good to feel a completely different angle for me. I could actually walk around my room and stretch myself as much as I could handle. I hope more guys try this because it is so much easier. No clang, clang, boom, hey what’s wrong in there? Oh nothing, I just dropped a book.


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