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New to this...

New to this...

hey guys, i’ve been lurching for a few weeks, and finally decided to post… i’ve been hanging for about a week, and i have a question.. is there an age at which hanging is not a good idea?

i’m only 18, should i not be hanging? i definitely want a bigger penis, so if i can’t hang what can i do? thanks in advance…

hey 5,

hope you exceed your name.

The changes in puberty are pretty personal but you have probably reached the end of those. One of the major gainers here is a guy called secjay and he started even earlier, but he always says he doesn’t know where puberty stopped and PE started. If anything starting earlier should give you advantages as you’ll heal faster and probably find ligments will extend more easily.

If you built your own hanger watch out for restricting circulation.

That’s a good question. They say not to lift weights until you’re developed to a certain point. I wonder if it applies to PE. I’m not the person to answer this but welcome to the road to a bigger dick!

an educated guess

5inches welcome to our forum! My best guess is that it is fine to hang now. Even if your hormones are still raging, I doubt that will affect the lig stretching you are trying to do. I would also guess you are going to recover faster, which if you play your cards right could lead to faster gains. Again- just an educated guess :)

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awesome, thanks guys. I’m definitely done with puberty, but i’m just being cautious. I too hope that i will see some gains, at 5’4” 5 inches isn’t going to cut it. Anyway my homemade hanger does restrict circulation a bit, and i’m looking for a cheap alternative… if you have any siggestions i’d be glad to hear it!

And i’m glad i found a place where i can freely discuss how small my penis is without getting ragged on :-)

anyway thanks guys…

No cheap alternatives. Read on and then order your Bib starter.

Nick’s right, the bib is where its at for hanging. It’d be a pity to seriously damage your penis, especially at such an early age when you hopefully have a lot more use for it ahead of you than behind you. It seems like just about everyone who attempts to make a Bib like device (there are some pictures in the members pics section worth looking at) create a device that restricts circulation more than the bib.

If you really can’t afford the $130 check out the recent ADS thread, golf weights are cheap or simply stretch manualy so you are forced to keep an eye on circulation. I own a Bib but stretch manualy rather than using it at the moment.


I would recommend that you purchase a Bib Starter. $95 plus shipping. Believe me, you won’t ever complain about the investment after your dick grows a couple of inches. Be sure to read up on how to hang before you start. It’s all here. Just learn how to use the search function and good luck.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


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