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New To Hanging - Need Advice

New To Hanging - Need Advice

I just started a little over a week ago hanging, and the issue I am having is really finding the right thing to wrap the thing with. I use a towel cloth or a hankershif wrapped, but it is not really very comfortable, and it seems that there is pain right below the glans, which creates a lot of discomfort. Since I jelq on and off for years (but not really consistent), I started hanging 10 lbs, which seems to be OK, with the exception of the discomfort I am having around the area I use the grip and right below the glans. I suggestions and thoughts would truly be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Sometimes a thicker cloth has merit and additional comfort over some flimsy cotton material. I have used chamois cloth, soft leather, neoprene, ace bandage etc.

Dude.. Like thunder said, back off the weight till you have it figured out. I started at 2.5 and I’m only at 5 now.

You really shouldn’t feel discomfort in your device. My 2c.

Yea back down the weight did you at all read anything here before hanging? I also want to know what hanger you are hanging with. Anyways buy some 1” to 2”” wide gauze bandage wrap non stick one cut it to 12” to 18” long then buy some Theraband also cut it down to 1” to 2”x12” to 18” long. Wrap first with bandage then wrap with Theraband use some non sticky tape to hold end of Theraband after you wrap follow the wrapping directions on this site.

Wrapping drawings Wrapping thread. Sample bandage wrap buy it locally to save money? Best place I know to buy Theraband.

I know vets will not reply or help you because you fail to search before you jump into stuff and get injured so I am trying in hopes to avoid another avoidable injury.

P.S Use the dam search before attempting new things you might end up severely injured.

Yes I just started at 2 pounds and I can feel the strain, slow down dude.

I started out at 3, then 5, now I’m using 7 pounds but that’s after 6 months of hanging.I never found cloth to be comfortable wrapping material.

The J&J no-hurt wrap works for me.

I have started hanging also, and have been doing it for approximately a week now. My routine is as following( any pointers in the right direction if I`m doing anything wrong is welcome:) ; 3x15 min btc at 5,5 pounds followed by one set with 2,25 pounds for 20 minutes btc. It feels okay, no bad pain just a tingling feeling in my penis ligs/ shaft but at the end of each session my penis head is so god damn blue, like it has been choked to death, it looks way worse than it feels at the head goes back to a normal state seconds after I remove my bib starter. Am I doing anything wrong or is this normal?? I end each full( the whole shabang) session with a few minutes of stretching over a hot bottle of water and jelqing, and I also massage the penis-head and warm up before each session. My penis also hangs much lower during the whole day. I am not circumcised and I pull the skin on my head behind the glans before wrapping so it does not cover my head when hanging, maybe just a tad, sometimes, because of skin pulling or something like that I guess, am I doing this right?? My only real concern is the blue discoloring which disappears quickly after the device is removed. Sorry for my hijacking of this thread and for repeating my questions, I really don`t want to do anything that can hurt my beloved penis, he he.

I meant that I massage the head and warm up a bit before each set not session

Viking attach the hanger lower towards base sounds like it is too close to the head also I find I get better results if I leave a small tab of blood in the head. If I squeeze the head before attaching the hanger it also goes blue. You might also be tightening the hanger too tight the bottom and top parts should close pretty evenly.

How may uses do you get out of the Theraband? How often should it be replaced?


It last a very long time I have washed mine with mild soap and put some baby powder on it to keep it from sticking to itself and be sure to use some under wrap too like the gauze I linked. This works wonders for me being uncut I get no skin tug when using the bib hanger.

Thanks bigbassman77. My skin bunches at the head when I hang, is this normal?

Guys -

This may sound to simple but - before you venture into hanging read up on what the heck you might be doing. Start with the thread entitled ” Most important sample threads” initially authored by the maker of the bib hanger and go from there. In that thread i layed out a very simple routine that you can use for the first few monthes, its entitled., Hanging 101 sample guide’ .

You can mess yourself up if your not careful, so please do your research first…


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