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New To Hangin

New To Hangin

I started hanging routine this week (2/17/2003). Just completed day 2.
I hung 3 sets of 20 minutes both days with 2.5 pounds. I am planning a
5 day a week schedule, sat. and sun. off. The lowest weight plate I
have is 1.25 pounds so I am going to try to add a pound and a quarter
a week. I was thinking of doing btc exclusively.

Is 1.25 pounds a week going up in weight too fast?
Is it good enough just hanging that one position?


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Your routine looks solid….its good you are taking it slow…

>”Is 1.25 pounds a week going up in weight too fast?”<

I actually think that progression is fine, nice and easy…

>”Is it good enough just hanging that one position?”<

That depends on your erection angle, and if you see gains from the BTC position….most guys will probably benefit from BTC. But like I said, it really depends on your unit.

Do a search for “optimal hanging angles” “hanging angles” etc. There was some very good threads a while back by myself, Johnnygate, BIB, and HairyGuy…..also, run cross searches with those names. Hope that helps.

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