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New Idea?

New Idea?

For a while I have wanted to hang using these high strength rubber bands I have (kind of like thera bands except even larger, and more heavy duty). I tried hanging SO using them with my wench a couple times, but the problem was I could never gage how much resistance I was using, and my skin wasn’t ready for what I ended up doing.

Recently I figured I could use one of those Fish-hang scales. Now I have a way of determining how much pull I am using in pounds. The thing is great, I got it at Walmart, and it was only a couple bucks. It makes hanging So, and at upward angles really easy, and you don’t have to fiddle with making pulley systems, hanging weight over your shoulder, and dealing with friction. Instead of using the special rubber bands I have, I figured people could use bungee cords, (like for tieing luggage to your car).

I don’t know if anyone has thought of this before, but I just thought I would share.

I think its a pretty good idea jm.

When I first started reading your post I was quite worried that you could not gauge how much you were actually hanging with, but if you are using some sort of measuring device than fine.

My only other concerns are how accurate are the scales (you may be hanging a lot more than you think) and because the force exerted by the rubber bands on your dick is dependant upon them being stretched, every time you move a little, the force will vary. I wondering if this pulling/slackening action may simply strengthen the tissues rather than lengthening them?

I wouldn’t have a clue, but its definitely a more practical approach for hanging the higher angles.

I am glad you brought this up. I have wanted to write something about it for a long time, but always forget about it.

One of the great advantages to hanging is that the stress is relentless. For example, with something like manual stretching, you might be able to record the time you are stretching, but you don’t know what the actual stress is on your unit. I think for most guys, the stress that can be applied is reduced as the manual stretching session goes on, from hand/arm failure.

By the same token, most ADS systems do not apply the same stress over a period of time. Either the attachment becomes looser, and the stress is reduced, or the tissues of the shaft stretch out a little, and the stress is reduced.

With hanging a given weight, acted on continuously by gravity, the stress is continuous throughout the set. If/when the tissues fail, the stress is still the same, and continues to work on the next limiting factors. I think that is one of the great advantages to hanging a known, constant weight.


I understand that the stress is not as constant as weight, but I keep my eye on the gage and make sure that the stress stays on the weight I am hanging at thoughout the set.

-And the rubber bands I am using will in no way “stretch” out with the little amount of tension I am placing on them. They are designed to provide more like 50-100 pounds of resistance.

What if you just attach the fish scale to a fixed object (Pad eye) and the other end to the s-hook without the rubber bands? Then just lean back or use your body weight to create the pull. You wouldn’t have the fatigue factor like with manual stretching, but then I don’t really see the advantage over just hanging a fixed weight. The fish scale probably cost more than free weights.


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