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new idea for a hanger?

new idea for a hanger?

Hi all,

Please let me know if someone has already brought up the idea I am proposing.

Ok, so most of us here have struggled with different types of hanging contraptions always wishing they could grip as strongly and comfortable as our own hands. I have heard of using vacuum pressure to hang (ouch), but haven’t seen anything on pushing air in the opposite direction. I’m suggesting a device that works like a blood pressure reader. Picture a device with a comfortable outside for your shaft, but with pockets on the inside that can be inflated with air. You place it on your shaft and pump it up until it is gripping comfortably. Then, of course, hang from it. Does this have any potential? I’m uncertain on how plausible this is to build, though.

Sounds like a good idea monsterjohnson. I never thought of the inflatable grip pads, but if they where made out of the right material of course that idea sounds comfortable and doable…

I just actually made my first hanger today (a mod of Piet’s hanger), and am anxious to try it out later tonight. I probaly need to put something better on the wood pieces of the body of the hanger since it is just wood blocks right now. Maybe some hot glue or something for better grip to the wrapped shaft…

Someone built one with an infant blood pressure cuff.I tryed making one with a small inertube froma bicycle tire but it did not work out quit the way I wanted.Build away and see what you come up with.

Cool, thanks all.

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