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New hanging position

New hanging position

Question here for all you guys. I have found an easy way to hang while i watch movies. I lay on the side of my bed with my legs straight out onto 2 chairs, I have the bib on and let it straight down. I move my balls to the side and just let it hang there. But is that position beneficial? And i have thought about this but to scared to try it, But just having a couple pounds on and leaving it on all night to hang there and stretch my ligs. I have been to scared to try it though because of all the warnings of blood circulation. Maybe i will just stick to my static stretcher =). My main question to this post though is about the angle of the stretch, How beneficial is it really? Thanks.

So BTC hanging then. You’ll find a lot of threads on that here. I remember reading a great thread by HairyGuy (I think that was his name).

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My 2 cents

Good way to hang. It would be easy to get distracted though, and hang too long, so be sure to use a timer! Also, sitting with no back support for a long time can play havoc with your back. You might want to find a way to support it.
Good luck.


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Thanks for the replies. Ya thats definately true about the back thing. I am a body-builder though so my back is extremely strong. =)

Hello guys,

What do you think about :

Hanging SU (with or without V stretch) and periodically kegelling ?

Is this good for ligaments stretch or
The ligaments become more strong and will not stretch ?

Good day

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