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New Bib Hanger: Have Questions

New Bib Hanger: Have Questions

Thanks SS4 for the great piece on hanging. I’m reading it with great interest.

Coincidentally, my Bib Hanger just arrived the day your article was posted. The unit had some unexpected characteristics, and I was hoping to draw upon the expertise of the hangers on the forum to find out whether these are normal.

First, I noticed the “gel” material lining the inside of the hanger appeared to be slightly lubricated. I couldn’t tell what the lube was, but there was definitely a slippery film, especially on the outer “fingers” near the adjustment screws. I suspect the lube was water based, because it seemed to dry up and left kind of a dry residue on my fingers.

Here’s another thing, and this is kind of freaky. I found a hair stuck to the gel material. It was curly, coarse, and about 3/4” long. Sound like anything you recognize?

This raises some questions: Are Bib Hangers tested in real use situations? Are returns accepted? What is the process for reconditioning a returned unit?

Anyway, I’m slightly freaked out. However, aside from the notable characteristics mentioned above, the unit appears to be sound and in good condition.

I think I’ll just give it a good washing with soap and water before using it. Ick!

It sounds defective to me. I wouldn’t use it if I were you!!!! USED!!!!

I’ll give you $40.00 for it!!………LOL

Your hanger is fine. Stray hair floating around is all. Bigger is a top notch guy and sells a quality hanger with great customer service. He has helped tons of people with repairs and re-applying the gel or fixing any problems which are rare with proper use. There is no lube on the gel. I’m sure what you are seeing is just from the manufacturing process. Any questions can be directed to Bigger himself at:

TPS. This is my impression of Bib as well, and I don’t mean to cast any doubt on the quality of his product. It’s just that what I found was a little strange.

But then again, I found a cockroach and a few grains of rice in my new Dell computer box! WTF! Fortunately, I don’t plan to wrap that around my dick (but maybe I’ll hang it!).

Thanks for the reply. I love reviewing products, and I’m looking forward to reporting back on my impressions of the hanger after a couple of weeks of use.

Don’t sweat it I found a long dyed red hair stuck partially out and underneath the lablel on a supplement I bought at Wal Mart for my knees. It was inside another box and I opened it up today to find it.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

A long dyed red hair can only mean only one thing Twat:


Oh my God, that was Clarence Thomas’ bib hanger! Did an empty coke can come with it as well? <concerned look>

cead mile failte :lep:

Wash it and wear it bro :)

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You guy’s are gonna shit, when you see my latest creation.

All aluminum hanger-Frankenhanger.

I’ll try to get some pic’s posted tonite.

"If you build it, they will come".

Originally Posted by tryn4more
You guy’s are gonna shit, when you see my latest creation.

All aluminum hanger-Frankenhanger.

I’ll try to get some pic’s posted tonite.

How you gonna do us like that tryn?? Lets hear about it!

>First, I noticed the “gel” material lining the inside of the hanger appeared to be slightly lubricated.

The lining in new Bibs is kind of slick and soft. Over time it hardens a little. Bib wouldn’t send you a used hanger.

tryn4more says:
>All aluminum hanger-Frankenhanger.

Excellent. I’m looking forward to the pics.


Didn’t mean to hijack the thread, clean that thing and get to using it.

I’ll start a new thread, with pic’s of the Frankenhanger…….

"If you build it, they will come".

I recieved my bib starter today and noticed the same things your describing. There are small black hairs but they look like material not human hair. There is also slippery residue on the gel where the teeth are but its probly from the manufaturing process. I didn’t really think anything of it untill I came apon this thread, I tried it out without even washing it LOL. I mean really how many guys here can say they have never in their life put there penis somewhere another mans penis has been(just kidding, im not implying the unit was used ;) ) . Anyways, I sent my order snail mail on thursday afternoon and the bib was on my doorstep saturday morning! I was very impressed on how fast it got here. The quality and workmanship of the product is top notch. I think it would be immpossible for me to replicate anything near the quality and ease of the bib hanger. To me safely and easily making my dick bigger is priceless, it was well worth the investment.

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