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New amazing oriental method for hanging

New amazing oriental method for hanging

Hi Guys,

I was watching the T.V. about a group of people which are Kung Fu practicers. It was a documentary video such as any other showing their great strength and great things they can perform with their bodies until the mater said that another amazing thing they can do is to hang heavy weights with their penis. All the group has a session on hanging. One of the students was able to have 250 pounds. Just for one moment. But the master was able to pull truck with all the group of people over it. He did that on the cameras and I said OHHH..

I was thinking about what kind of wrapping they may be using. Another thing that called my attention is that the didn’t hang statically, they balanced the weight as a pendulum from front to back. I think this is a good idea because different part of the ligaments are stretched. Why do you think?

Nevertheless. They never say at any moment that hanging helped for making longer penis they just says that it helps for having more energy in sex, for lasting longer. And I think, well, if pulling a truck with his penis didn’t make his penis longer what should I expect from the traditional hanging with just a few pounds that is practiced here?

Hardly a new method; they have been doing it for many years over there. If you want ligaments like steel rope, and no hope of ever getting any stretch, you could give it a try (work your way up slowly ;) , but they don’t do it for enlargement. I’ve watched them do it, and I would be surprised if their dicks ever worked again!

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I’ve seen that stuff too. They said was good for prostate.

I remember reading somewhere that your ligaments have a tensile strength greater than steel. I also remember watching a video with one of these guys lifting hundreds of pounds and pulling a truck with his dick, he said that a side affect was that it made his dick longer or bigger. I don’t remember his exact wording. Pretty cool stuff.

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Jeez wonder why asians came up with this?


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I think it’s fake. There is no way a penis can support 250 lbs. 225 lbs is already alot to bench press — two 45lb plates on each side.

Originally Posted by bigflip
I think it’s fake. There is no way a penis can support 250 lbs. 225 lbs is already alot to bench press — two 45lb plates on each side.

They aren’t bench pressing with their penises.

Why compare the tensile strength of ligament and soft tissue to a purely skeletal muscle exercise?

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