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Negative PIs and Hanging

Negative PIs and Hanging

This is probably a bad question but do negative PIs apply to hanging or just jelqing? I’m thinking jelqing because that seems more harsh on the penis although the hanging devices do their share of trauma.

I’ve gotten temporary ED from jelqing too much, with loss of morning wood. Haven’t seen anything bad from hanging besides slight discoloration of the head, probably from poor blood flow on my part (not warming up enough). Also, I don’t hang at huge weight like some others, but I have heard of retracting at very high weight.

Physiological Indicators are just what they say they are: your body responding to stress or stimulation indicating what is happening.

They can come from anything.

There is no single exercise or routine that does not yield PIs. They can be positive (firmer erections, for example) or negative (the famed loss of morning wood).

If you do the newbie routine (warm-up, stretching, and jelqing, etc.) and notice your morning wood returns - assuming it was gone, or your erections get harder, or you gain size, these are all positive PIs.

If, however, you jelq really hard, or hang an extra pound or two or pull really hard while stretching, and then either get a soreness that won’t go away, or notice weaker erections, or have trouble getting it up, etc. - these are negative PIs.

There are some things that tend to yield negative PIs, but the root of any of them is overdoing it and straining or outright injuring your dick.

Typical mistakes include: jelqing REALLY hard, pumping at high Hg or staying in the tube too long, hanging too much weight or hanging for too long, or clamping too hard or too long.

The bad stuff happens when we get greedy for gaining and ignore our bodies subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) warnings of pain or strain. This stuff takes time. Exercise careful patience and pay attention to your body and you end up with a better working penis (priority one), which is healthy and hopefully somewhat larger (priority two).

It’s good to keep these priorities in mind. You can possibly fuck yourself up if you’re not careful.

If you wake up in the morning with a rock hard erection and find you qualify to star in a Monsters of Cock video this is called a Magnum PI.

Any questions?

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