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Need some of the vets opinions

Need some of the vets opinions

Ok guys, I just got done with 2 months of hanging. I’m not sure what my next move should be however. Let me just give you a description of the past couple months.

I’ve hung in the same position (inbetween SO and OTS) for the past 2 months. My sets are 15 minutes long and I’m currently experiencing no problems with discomfort, numbness, etc.

I saw my best gains in the first week, increasing my by BPFSL from 6.9 to 7.3. By the end of the month my BPFSL had increased to 7.4 and my BPEL had increased from 6.9 to 7.0. Total hang time for the month was 24.25 hours. In week one (where I saw the most gains) I was hanging about 6.25 pounds and hung for 7 hours total.

I know that my next move goes against the rules of hanging, but I was eager to see where my ideal weight was at. So over the course of that first month I slowly moved the weight up to about 7.75 pounds. The gains came, but they came slower and I wasn’t even sure if those initial gains were “newbie” gains.

Anyways, month 2. Over the course of this month I continued to gradullay increase the weight until week 7 when I decided that the heavier weight wasn’t doing it for me. I ended up using about 10 pounds for that 7th week but went back down to 7 pounds for the final week.

Nonetheless, I still gained length. My BPFSL now reaches 7.6 inches long and my BPEL reaches 7.1 inches. I got about .2 of an inch in girth as well over the past 2 months.

Now I’m not sure what I should do. I’m considering taking a month off and letting my dick decondition so that I can hit it with the light weights again and see what gains I’ll get. Has anyone here taken a deconditioning break from hanging? If so, how long? And what gains did you lose, if any, and did they return upon returning to hanging?

Starting stats- 5.9 BP Current stats- 7.5 BP, 5.25 EG, 8.13 BPFSL

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

I don’t like your topic title, whenever I see the word vet, I think Guru.

I can’t really answer the questions you have a question mark beside, but notice you are being blessed for so little time invested.

If you can invest more sets/time into hanging I think that would be good for you, don’t worry so much about the weight numbers. If you could increase the sets dramatically, I bet you will be surprised on how little weight you will need.

I sense you have no valid reason for a decon break unless you are just sick of PE’ing in general. You also seemed surprised that you made a gain when you had to go back to seven pounds from ten, this was when the “getting” was good.

The main reason I want to take a deconditioning break is so that I can stretch my shaft and sac skin some more. These recent gains have caused my balls to tighten up a lot. I plan on stretching the shaft skin every evening and wearing those rings when I can. Those rings worked really well last time I used them for a while.

Also, a break from hanging will make me more motivated when I start back again. Not to mention the weakening of the penile tissue will probably allow me to avoid a plataeu in the near future.

Starting stats- 5.9 BP Current stats- 7.5 BP, 5.25 EG, 8.13 BPFSL

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

Well…Okey dokey. Good luck to you.

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