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Need help using muzzle hanger

Need help using muzzle hanger

I made a muzzle hanger today and I had a few questions.
1. Do you wrap the same as you would when using a bib hanger? Spiral wrap with theraband?
2. I bought those red cable clamps that people use but it is too big to give a good grip. I read on somebody else post that you should do a underwrap and a outerwrap. If I do this the red clamps would work sufficient but aren’t you supposed to not make the wrap too thick? I know when using a bib hanger if you make the wrap too thick it makes it harder to grasp the internals.
3. When you hang the weight should the hanger stay in place or does it slide down to build the shoulders of the internals?
4.Where should I be attaching the hanger. Base of penis, midshaft, or do you attach and let it slide behind the glans?

Thank you for the help

Does nobody use muzzle hangers anymore?

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