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Need help to solve the pinch

Need help to solve the pinch

My problem seems to be that I ride to deep in the hanger so that my Corpus seems to get pinched in the bottom gap between the adjustments of my Bib. Basically I want to know is this normal? Also if I dont ride this deep in the hanger I tend to pinch the skin on the top of my shaft between the mesh claws, because what happens is the claw pinch and sort of bunch the theraband up which is stuck to my skin so I get a slight pinch. It is either one or the other and there is no in between. What should I do. Another thing to add is that my screw adjustments are just about as far out as possible and my girth is still within the the bracket for the starter bib so I would like to know if Im doing anything wrong.

Thanks for your feedback guys Im glad you’re so supportive, and sorry if this post is all jumbled up

I keep pushing the wrap in the bib, while I tighten, till I can’t fit my fingers inside, then pull forward.

Okay well that makes absolutely no sense to me. Can you give a better description or is there someone else that can help me. I think I relized that my problem might be because I dont use cloth when I wrap, i only use theraband.

You should use cloth under the TheraBand. But is sounds like your girth may be too fat for the Starter, or you may be using to much wrap. I use a strip of each about 7” long. But now I’m having trouble keeping it clamped. I don’t think the Starter works well for girths 6” or over. I’m about ready to try the Ready.

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Sounds to me like you need to wrap the theraband a little tighter. Try wrapping tighter, then waiting 10-20 minutes to see if the glans inflates (traps blood). If so its too tight.

Or it could be the bibhanger needs to be adjusted.

After you find a good system, with the theraband installed to the perfect spiral and tightness, draw a line on the top of the theraband along the length of the penis. Then the next time you wrap, do it so the line is straight, and thus you will have wrapped exactly the same as before.

I feel a little pinch myself and I use Ace Bandage and the Theraband. I attach the clam shape device from the bottom up of my penis so the single screws is facing the top (belly button). When I hang, I feel the pinch from the single screw.

When I first started hanging, I too had a lot of problems with pinching. Getting the wrap right was the key for me. It took a lot of experimenting any trying various materials.

Have you tried HTWs? They work great and are super easy to use. HTW: its a wrap

My base girth when erect might be close to 6 but mid shaft is about 5.6. I thought that the girth was supposed to be not over 6inch flacid, maybe I was mistaken. And I dont need to wrap tighter cause I have just about the right feel for wrapping and i dont understand how putting cloth underneath might help with the pinch but I might try it out anyway. But do you guys understand when I say that my corpus or what ever its called gets sort of wedged between the bottom gap of the hanger? I think there actually is enough width the so that it doesnt squeeze it, it just fits there no matter how tight the hanger is. Is this still a problem, I mean was that what the Bib starter is supposed to do? O and my strip of theraband is enough to wrap 2.5 times around

Before you are even half tight on the adjustment take thumb and forefinger and press the top and for you the pinching bottom back into the bib hanger. Just press top and bottom, and the flesh will squeeze inside the bib hanger and stay that way , although I sometimes have to press the flesh back in on the top more than once to keep the fingers from pinching from the top while I am tightening the turnscrew.

Alright I fixed the problem thanks to all of you guys and now when I hang its amazing cause nothing goes wrong, maybe im getting used to it, thats probably it.

I almost gave up on hanging because of the pinching. Nothing I tried seemed to work.

I had always used the Bib with the closure at the top. I finally discovered that if I rotate the Bib 90 degrees, so the hinge is on the right side of my dick with the closure on the left, magically, no pinching occurs.

It’s a little awkward for over the shoulder stretching/hanging, as the long screws scrape across my stomach. Some adjustment is required, but it can work.

Hope this helps,



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