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Need help finding right form of Theraband latex for hanging

Need help finding right form of Theraband latex for hanging

When I ordered the BIB Hanger a while back, some Theraband latex was sent to me for wrapping. It was silver or grey colored I believe . I need to order more. When I go the Theraband website, which is, I dont know which thickness to order. Should I order the silver band which is considered the second thickest band? Last week I ordered the tan band, cause it looked most like the one BIB sent. However, when I saw it in person, I saw how thin it was, and that it was not the same color as the one BIB sent. Anyone know where or what I should order? Can I buy this at certain drug stores? thanks

Drug stores no, medical supply shops yes.

I would go ahead and get the silver color (grey) which should be the same thickness as what was with the BIB.

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You can look up in your local telephone book for the nearest Medical supply company, or

your local Physical therapy/ Sports rehabilitation center. Usually get a 15ft piece for free.

tell them you need it for an arm exercise. I use the green and works well for me.

Grey is heaver material.

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The theraband comes in 8 colors, each corresponding to resistance. Tan:extra-thin, Yellow:thin, Red:medium, Green:heavy, Blue:extra-heavy, Black:spec.heavy, Silver:super-heavy, and Gold:maximum. Just do a search on “Theraband silver superheavy” and go with the cheapest place you can find of course.

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