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Need help constructing a hanger UK

Need help constructing a hanger UK

I have been trying to construct a hanger using the instructions on the sticky thread. Problem is, most of it was written by guys in US and when I try and look for the components in the stores I.e B&Q. I can’t find all the parts.

My question is there a very simple hanger I can build without having to look in a hay stack.. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

Tell me which hanger in which thread and I’ll have a look, I’m in the uk and I’ve made most things successfully

Well something like this would be great RSDSCN2981.gif

Apart from the two main curved bits all the parts of that hanger can be had in the larger B@Q stores,
Did the instructions mention what the main bit was made from ?
What about the captains wench ? again most of the parts can be had at B@Q , if you want a cheaper source of velcro tape I’d suggest Amazon.
single cable clamps can be bought here…lamps&submit=Go

A good source of neoprene for lining a clamp is the ankle or elbow supports made by Elastoplast, you can find these at most Boots stores.

Hope some of that helps.

Thanks for your help caper. Can’t wait to get started.

If you want to build a cheap redi stretch hanger how about this.


Just needs the heads modified slightly..
You’ll need to copy and paste the link

3” QUICK FIST (Package of 1)

QUICK FIST Clamps Make It Easy To Mount
Tools and Equipment On Any Vehicle.
Holds objects 2.75” to 3.50” (70mm to 89mm) in diameter .

The QUICK FIST clamp is made of transportation grade rubber and is not bothered by heat or cold and is UV resistant.
The mounting base is 4.5” x 1.25” (31.75mm x 114.3mm).
Attaches with one ¼” bolt (6mm).
One clamp supports a safe working load of 50lbs (23kilos). The break strength is 150lbs (68 kilos).

Made in the USA
US and Worldwide Patents Pending
UK Patent 24032623
The 3” QUICK FIST clamp holds objects from 2.75” to 3.50” (70-89mm).
Its design is very similar to the original QUICK FIST clamp, but more than 3 times larger. Extremely robust, it will securely hold a safe working load of 50lbs or 23 kilos (its break strength is 150 lbs or 68 kilos).

The 3” QUICK FIST clamp was originally design to hold fire department’s hose nozzles. But a single clamp is also excellent for securing a 3” diameter fire Extinguisher on ATVs, motorcycles and trucks.

Don’t forget you can buy all the gear to make a wench from peweights(dot)com. I think it comes to about $25 plus shipping. I’m in the UK too and I spent more than that making an approximate copy (plus a ton of time searching threads/shops for building materials.)

Well worth a look.

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