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Need advice and threads with info on OTL hanging

Need advice and threads with info on OTL hanging

I tried doing a search but didn’t find a thread that really harped on the basics of OTL hanging. For example, for SO and SD hanging, it is standard to hang for 20 min with a 10 min break in between sets. How about OTL hanging? Is it common to hang 10 min, 20 min? Is it normal to be able to hang more or less weight in OTL as compared to SD or SO? Is it ok to throw in SO sets with OTL sets in the same day because both work the tunica? Knowledge is what I seek. Please, drop some.

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I was looking for posts regarding OTL hanging a couple of months ago too.
There isn’t really much detail provided by the veteran hangers.

I tried a few sets OTL and I didn’t like it because the Bib Hanger was digging into my leg.
Plus the tension was very hard to feel - unless I used more weight, and that only caused the
hanger to dig deeper into my leg. I also found myself subconsciously leaning to the side to
alleviate the tension.

But UTL is a different story. I set up like I’m doing BTC but turn the hanger on it’s side and then sit/lie
in the chair on my side. So the hanger is laying against one butt cheek instead of the crack.
The jury is still out on its effectiveness but the tension is intense.


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