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@bhcentral- This is just a quick abstract, but there are several studies with similar findings.

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Originally Posted by low-hanging fruit
@bhcentral- This is just a quick abstract, but there are several studies with similar findings.

This has been discussed as a reason clamping works, no solid conclusions though, interesting.

Okay but my penis isn’t doing push ups when clamped off. It is interesting information but I am not sure it correlates to what the 20 minute rule is about. I would be very happy to find that I can go beyond the 20 minutes. My concern is gangrene and nerve damage. From my experience when I accidentally go to far my discoloration seems to be worse and more edema is present. It would just be so much more effective if I could get to 30 minutes or longer.

I am aware of the protocol that this study is based on. There has been a few dangerous situations. I can’t remember the guys name who created this protocol. But early on he actually developed a pulmonary embolism due to his methods. It ended up hospitalizing him. I also believe I heard about a hockey player that claimed these methods destroyed his quadriceps. However, I do believe in the USA we now have people that get certified in training others with this method.

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We use tourniquets on limbs everyday in the operating room with complete occlusion of blood flow for up to two hours. This is on patients who are asleep. Forty-five minutes is about the limit on awake patients due to tourniquet discomfort. I’d be interested to see what you come up with as far as research.


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