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My wench won't work


I suppose it is time to visit that wrapping store, thanks all.

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Originally Posted by furderfraulein
When you say “When properly clamped, there will be NO movement when the weight is applied” do you mean no skin movement? Or just no movement from the penis at all? Because even with the clamp ratcheted down as tight as I can on top of the wench, it (the entire apparatus including the wrap, wench and clamp) still slides practically to the glans before stopping. After 10 minutes, this results in minor discoloration of the glans, sometime a cold feel to it, never any loss of sensation or feeling in the glans. According to most posts I have read about hanging, I am doing something wrong. That being said, I could have swore I was still getting a decent stretch out of it.


What your having happen is your not getting a hold of the inner structures and therefore your skin is being stretched. Sounds like you might want to try and positioning the Wench and clamp closer to your glan to begin with. It doesn’t sound like the wench is slipping on the skin but your not getting grip on the ligs as much as you should. Over the years I have gained skin and appear to be half circumcised but when I hang the clamp will not move much from the starting point. You should look at the position of the grippers and make sure they are on the sides attempting to grip each side of the suspensory ligament.

Are you using two clamps? If not you should try that.

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