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My vaccu hanging routine

My vaccu hanging routine

I have been hanging 7.5 lbs 3 days on 1 off for 10 minutes a day. Not really seeing results. Any suggestions?

I have been pe’ing for a few years now on and off and I usually start off real consistent. I get nervouse when after I hang I see my flaccid lengh seem to decrease and turtle. Is that normal with the vacu hanger?

Turtling means you are stressing the tissues. I used to get nervous about that, especially if I had to perform.

I have been hanging for many years. I gained at least 3/4” from hanging and 1 1/4” overall from PE. I have not gained length for quit a while. Clamping has been working for girth.

I still hang, hoping for a break-through. I do not recommend doing what I do as I am very conditioned. I hang only twice a week. I hang very heavy/short sets. I add 1 1/4 lb per week. I hung 23.75 lbs for 10 minutes. It felt safe to me. I then wear an ADS with heat. Again, I am very conditioned so don’t try to add weight as you will turtle beyond belief. I do not turtle because I only hang every 3 or four days. Some say that is not good as it will allow the tissues to heal stronger. I have tried just about everything else. My penis has never been healthier. Morning wood starts very early.

Marcus_J, really don’t have any advise for you except to gain knowledge about the tissues involved and then experiment. Try to enjoy PE as a lifestyle. This forum used to full of easy gainers. Not anymore.

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