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my simple hanger

my simple hanger

Hey, don’t worry BIB, im not advertising my hanger :P hehe

I couldn’t get all the items for the bib hanger, so i made a simple one, I want to know if it’s safe!

Basically, its one of them new small cable clamp thingies, and some grey copper pipe insulation, cut a small bit off, about 3 inches long roughly. And I cut a slit so i could wrap it around just below my glans, i then put the cable clamp around it (the slit in the insulation on top of my penis so it dont crush the main veins up there!)

I then wrap string round the jagged bits and hang some weights on it, would this work and is it safe people?

Thanks for taking time to read this,
Merry gaining xmas!

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)

Sounds ok I made a similar device before. Use low weights and keep checking to see if the head is too black from over tightening, especially for the first few times.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

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Thank you for the reply, does base girth increase like this? And do I need to pump blood into the head before i attach clamp? I don’t quite know about the hanging, told it was dangerous a few years back. But maybe they didn’t know anything about it either!

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)

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