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My research

My research

i guys !
i hope my little research help us to improve a scientific approach to pe.
The problem i had was to find the relation between time and weigth. The question is: 1 kg for 30 min is the same than 2 kg for 15 min ? and so on…the answer i have is YES ! (with some notes…). By the physics laws the *force* is exactly the same ! and so we can say that the results must be the same ! the only limit is the risk to break the tissue…so i can’t hang 2 tons for 2 seconds !!! :-) Till now was impossible to make a relation between weight and time ‘cause we were looking at a false ruler: our penis ! this is a tissue that responds herratically to a force, not in a linear way like a spring. But the reactions are related to the *force* we apply on the tissue, like any other good in the universe (iron, wood…), so there is no reason why our penis should not responde to the universe’s laws !
In physics the *force* in relation to time is called *impulse*, measured Newton x Seconds (NxS).
If i hang 1 kg for 60 mins = 1kg (=9,8 Newton) x 60 mins (=60x60 secs) = 9,8 x 3600 = 35.280 NS
If i hang 2 Kg for 30 mins = 2kg (=19,6 Newton) x 30 mins (=30x60 secs) = 19,6 x 1800 = 35.280 NS
So u can use this relation between time & weight (in a carefull way) to value the *force* u apply to the tissues. The system is easy for the value of increases in weight. If i want to go from 2 kg to 3 kg u know that 45 mins with 2 kg is like 30 mins with 3 kg.
Note: if u change this values with lbs. is ABSOLUTELY the same ! (1 kg = 2,21 lbs).
This is the formula: Impulse = Newton x Seconds (NS)

1 kg = 9,8 Newton
1 kg = 2,21 lbs
2,21 lbs = 9,8 N
1 lb = 4,4 N

So teorically the increase of weight has no reason if we increase time ! i say teorically because we know that hanging for long times opens many problems of circulation, cold etc…
I’m doing this research ‘cause i think that some people (like me…) could obtain more results on long-term hanging with little weights (hours…).
If i hang 2 Kg for 30 mins = 35.280 NS
If i hang 100 gr for 10 hours (600 mins) = 100 gr (=0,98 Newton) x 600 mins (=600x60 sec) = 0.98 x 36.000 = 35280
So i can say that, teorically, 2 kg for 30 mins is like 100 gr for 10 hours a day.
With this formula u can decide if u want to stress in a short term the tissue or in a long term. We can’t have an evidence of this relation, because everybody is different, but the important thing is to find a reasonable relation between time and weight. If u double time u divide weight and so on….always the same increase/decrease:

1kg/60mins = 2kg/30mins
2kg/60mins = 4kg/30mins
and so on…

That’s all folks….I’m waiting for your advices or opinions…this is not the “Truth”…feel free to criticize….


I'm not convinced.....

This may be true but it will have a tail off at certain points even if it is:

ie - what if you hang 50 grams for 20 hours a day? The force is the same but i doubt the 2 ounce weight on your dick will do very much of anything.

I lift weights and while doing 120 kilo bench presses for 6 reps gives me gains doing 30 kilo bench presses for 24 reps does not.

I’d be interested to see if you get gains with your theory however……..

See Ya,



When hanging for instance what we are trying to do is take the penis past its “elastic limit” to a small degree = thus making it grow longer.

If the force applied to the penis is not enough then we are just stretching it as far as it could naturally anyway. So no growth will occur.

To use the weightlifting analogy again if you perform bicep curls with a weight your biceps is not used to it will grow in order to adapt to the stress placed on it.

If you do the curls with a very small or no weight the biceps will not grow as the stress placed on it does not require growth in order for the biceps to cope with it.

This is how i see it anyway……

See Ya,


you're right...

U are right…but u are talkin’ about muscles !!!! i don’t think penis is a muscle or grows like a muscle ! we use the weight to stress tissues and ligament. When u use a great weight u force the tissue to go longer, but the time is short, so probably it will react like a spring, this way u loose a part of the effect. When u use a little weight (for longer) probably the tissue will “accept” easily that length with no “spring effect”. Both methods are good anyway, but the relation between time and weight can be used to vary the approach.
I’m just experimenting maybe one month and i’ll tell about the results !


I understand what you are getting at....

but if you imagine for instance a spring - if you stretch it a very little it will always return to its original size.

if, however, you stretch it a lot - past its “elastic limit” it will remain longer after you release it as it is now deformed by the added stress.

This is (to a very small degree) what we are trying to do. so i believe more stress for shorter periods would be better.

Keep us updated on how you go either way…

good luck,

See Ya,


Big J and Bamboo

Hi! I hae thought about this in the past…I also lift weights so I’m always looking for correlations as well….

While hanging a miniscule weight for an infinite amount of time might not bring gains in length what about hanging a supra-maximal load for a short period of time??

Instead of hanging 10 for 3 sets of 20 mins, what if you hung 30 lbs for 3 sets of 1 min? OBviously there is a point of diminishing returns limited by how much weight your dick can actually hold.

But Big J, you could equate this to partial reps or eccentric reps in weight lifting…..where you know you can use more weight than normally to bring about faster gains……

This has been discussed before, but it kind of died down…..I’m curious to what you guys think? others as well?? BIB?

"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."

This has been examined several times, but I believe it is valuable to re-examine many times. Finding the most efficient regimen of stress for the majority of guys is important.

I still believe that the process of attacking the most limiting factors, breaking those bonds, and then attacking underlying limiting factors is the key. I think that starting out with an individuals ‘max’ weight to reach fatigue, and then sustaining the stress with lesser weights is the most efficient.

I also think that using techniques such as DLDs stretches, and utilizing DLD Blasters when hanging can get you to fatigue much quicker.

While many have gained without being sore, and others have reached fatigue without visible gains, I think that fatigue or soreness, without pain, is a good indication of stress levels, and that limiting factors are being eclipsed.


i agree with Bib...

Bib, i agree that the most important thing is to find the limit (or go nearby the limit). I find it by the soreness ! and the soreness came also with little weights. After the post of BigJ i was thinking about the need of an evidence so i tried to see how long i could hang the little weight…i tell you that after 72 mins of a very little weight (100 gr-0,2 lbs) i was feeling tired like never before ! it was a deep soreness, different from the usual feeling i have after hanging.
I can’t tell you if is better than the usual routine…but be sure that YOU CAN BE TIRED ALSO WITH LITTLE WEIGHTS ! :firejumpe
The question is: WHY hang with little weights if you can obtain the same in less time ???? simply you are more safe, certainly you can’t break…and you can manage better the stress to the tissues, by very little increasing of force.
So if can hang for 5 mins 10 lbs, and then comes the soreness, i know wich is the limit in *force*, so i can work safely on that limit by using less weight and increasing step by step the time, adding 1 minute more with increases that weights can’t hand.
More than this i can also build every day a different routine: maybe i can hang alone with weights for 15 mins…ten i need to have a more secret method…now i’m hanging with 100 gr under my shorts…nobody can see… :sneak: …i simply calculate the global amount of *normal* hanging and *little* hanging. Be sure that in one day only the *little* method is not enough…but is better more than less…



you hung 72 mins straight????? I wouldn’t and am sure others as well reccommend that……..

20-30 mins at the most…. you need time to get the blood flowing again or you might get tissue death…

"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."

What kind of hanger are you using?

I’ve made a little all day hanger, but I have to take it off every 1/2 hour to an hour because my head begins to get cool.

And, to be honest, I’m a little leary of hanging all day, even with rest breaks, knowing that the circulation is being hampered.

Cannot be healthy.


I am considering traditional hanging at this point, as I work at home on my computer. So in essence…I have the entire day to wrap, hang, unwrap, etc…


Given my favorable situation, how would you guys structure a hanging routine for ultimate growth?

I know there is considerable information on this site. But if you had, say 3 months to hang around the clock, with no interference, what would you do?

(or do you feel my “window of opportunity” is two small, ie 3 months, to dedicate to something like hanging?)


(ps Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack this thread. I’m quite curious about the relation between time and tension, though…)

(pps I do recall an article on Hubbard’s old site regarding how one chap recommended hanging for, literally, hours each day with low weights, and increasing the time up to about 4 hours, for length. Upon completion, I believe 2 mos, you would then hang heavier weights, ala Bib, for thickness…But this was when hanging was in its infancy, I suspect Bib has considerably more wisdom on these matters than what was contained in the well intentioned article…)

(ppps Incidentally, I believe the author claim 1.25 inches in length for the first stage, and .25 inches in thickness (2 months of hanging <2 lbs of weight starting at 1 hour and working up to 4. And the second stage (1 month hanging, 5-10 lbs 10 min on/10 min off) .5 inches in length and .75 inches in girth…I could be wrong on the numbers…)


I sad that time and weight are relationed…the same with hanger ! if you hang little weights you don’t need to keep so firmly all the things, i don’t use an hanger ! i use a simple bandage … so yesterday it began to be tired and to feel cold after 70 mins … ,naturally, the less weight you use, the less strict can be the *hanger* :cool:

I tend to overdo things… not just things, but everything…

therefore I don’t buy into the whole “doing less weight for more time” idea. I would rather hit myself hard, smash myself to pieces for as long as I could stand it and go away happy, knowing that I have totally and utterly exhausted myself.

This applies to more things than just PE… I take this attitude with most activities.

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