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My perfect 1 incher?


I have a 2” Wench sitting in my drawer. I haven’t even attempted to use it since building the Wenchette. The one question I have is how well the Wenchette works for downward hanging. I’m using it for upper angles only.

I hope you’ll come back and post your impressions of the Wenchette once you build one.

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Originally Posted by Alrdybig

Is Cappy even still around? Haven’t seen him in a while…

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Don’t know. He may be out searching for new booty on the open seas.

I thought he was married?

regards, mgus

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Pirate Booty, of course. The Captain may be a scalliwag, but he’s not the type to stray from the missus.

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I’ll check out the turn-key clamps.

This mini-wench is MUCH more comfortable, I’m wearing it for the first time tonight and feels a lot better. Thanks! :D

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Hey Modesto Man,

Decided to take your lead and make a Wenchette out of my regular Captain’s wrench. Working really great so far but have a couple questions for ya.

First, I ‘always’ get swelling in the head after only a few minutes into a set. You said you get swelling as well due to the wrapping and tightness of the hanger. Has the swelling (high blood pressure) in the head ever caused you problems? I think my problem is not getting the wenchette tight enough and is slipping toward the head with heavy weight (8 or more lbs). Which leads me to my next question.

Turn-key clamp. Being round instead of oval do you find the turn-key clamp to work as good or better than the cable clamp? I would think you could apply way more clamping pressure with the turn-key.. you agree? I think I’ll get one or 2 to use on the ol’ wenchette and snug that sucker down real good and see what I get.

As I said, I think this little hanger is just the trick if I can get it to stop slipping and hold at least 10 lbs. I look for the turn-key clamps and see how it goes.


Head swelling (and not only the arrogant kind) can definitely cause problems. A little bit is good; it certainly helps the hanger to get a good hold. A lot is bad. It could lead to thrombosed veins and other unpleasant or dangerous effects I don’t even want to think about.

If your head is swelling too much for comfort, try loosening your wrap. Also, try completely removing the hanger and wrap between sets. I use only about 8” of 1.5” thick Theraband for wrap, so rewrapping for each set is really no problem. I always remove the wrap between sets.

I don’t think that a little bit of added pressure, absent any discomfort, is a great cause for concern. But you do want to be extra careful because you may occasionally go numb, in which case you won’t feel the pressure until damage is done. Vigilence is the key.

I have found the Turn-Key Clamp to be superior to the Cable Clamp in almost every way. Its only drawbacks are that it slightly slows attachment and loosening of the hanger, and that it tends to wear out after a couple of months of regular use. Best to keep a few on hand.

Unlike the Cable Clamps, the Turn-Key Clamps do not force any particular shape. In fact, they are quite flexible and will adapt their shape to the forces they encounter. Certainly, they apply more force to the sides, above the stick-on pads, than on the ventral or dorsal surfaces. In this manner, I really don’t think they perform any worse than the Cable Clamps. The only times I’ve had problems with numbness or reduced circulation has been when I’ve used a fulcrum, which I think directly cuts off the circulation and impinges the nerves, and when the hanger has become rotated so that the pads press on the top and bottom of the shaft rather than the sides.

What I like the best about the Turn-Key Clamps is that they are continuously variable. Sometimes, 1/10 of a turn can make all the difference between comfort and pain. That level of adjustability is simply not possible with Cable Clamps. What’s best is to be able to adjust tightness during the course of a set. I do this very often, sometimes 2 or 3 times per set. It’s great to be able to adjust tightness on the fly to maximize comfort.

I should also mention that the short length of the hanger actually reduces the amount of force needed to clamp down to any given tightness. You’re simply compressing less tissue than a larger hanger would. The result is that tightening the Turn-Key Clamp is much easier on the fingers than tightening the wingnut on my Bib Hanger ever was.

I’m up to about 15#, and this hanger is showing no signs of giving up. The only problem I’ve had is that one of the stick-on pads shifted a tad (less than 1/16”). I removed and reapplied it, and the problem hasn’t recurred.

Please understand that I am experimenting with this design right along with you, so please use caution. I have not explored all the possible risks. One of you may come upon some defect or hazard that I haven’t seen. So please be careful and keep your eyes open.

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turn key clamps

What are turn key clamps?


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OMG This is so funny! The other night I was getting so frusterated and mad at one of those turn-key clamps because it seemed like the perfect thing to make a hanger out of and we only had one in the house. I tried about a 100 damn times to get that thing to lock in place in clamp around my dick and just couldn’t do it because of the diameter of the clamp. Well I just peeked at this thread right now and wondered what the turn-key clamp was and BOOM I had the same clamp and I even had the turn-key but I didn’t realize it at the time! Thanks ModestoMan, now I can start thinking again about how to make something new for hanging or ADS since I want to learn and expierment more with hanging and ADS for myself. I have the Turn-Key!

Great! Now go buy 3 more.

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thank you

Thank you for the reply. I’m gonna try these once I find them.


Started 12/2002 EG - 4 1/2" BPEL - 5 1/4" Current 08/2005 EG - 5 1/2" BPEL - 6 7/8" Goal EG - 6.00" BPEL - 8.00"

Thanks Modesto Man for your informative reply! I’m definately going to pick up 2- 3 clamps this weekend and give them a try. Like you say, no doubt they’ll put more pressure on the hanger and a better hang time from it. Getting tired of the slipping when trying to hang more weight.

I hung 8 lbs last night (2 sets) and had to fight to keep the hanger from slipping. With the turn-key clamp I’m sure I can get to 10lbs which I’ve been wanting to hang for some time. I’ve got ligs of steel and 10lbs would definately get the stretch going!

Another thing, I’ve got a low lot, 7:30ish and think my ligs have given bout all their going to give. Have you found hanging OTS using your bungy cord rig on the bed post has helped with length gains? I am thinking of doing a rig like that myself since I hang in the bedroom. Appreciate your opinion.

You’re hanging 15lbs?!!! WoW! that’s a lot of weight. No doubt you’ll be looking like an anaconda before long. Keep up posted on the wenchette and how it’s going.

Thanks again for your input..great stuff!


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