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My new routine.back again

My new routine.back again

So I have been doing PE on and off mainly due to getting bored, then being satisfied cause bigger than average guy. But It’s something I need to do for myself, so made a new routine, something that I won’t get bored of. I know people swear but jelqing, it’s a good exercise cause you don’t need anything but I have short attention span. So I decided to just do hanging and pumping, cause I can do other things while ” it’s hanging” or ” it’s pumped”. I am single so don’t have to worry about someone walking in, makes it easier. My lot is at 9 o clock. Below is my routine.

Warm up with stretches

3 x 15 mins pumping 6 days

3 x 20 mins Hanging 6 days 8 lbs ( straight down )

Also stretch my nut suck, want a pair of good low hangers, using ace bandages.

What do you think?

I want something I can maintain and not think it’s too much work but get results.. In the past got .5 inches gain in month but lost it. This time around I want to stretch my ligaments, but not shorten myself with scarring

The way I see it now is, a year from now I could have my penis, one inch bigger and feel good about myself or be the same if it do nothing, so might as well get something out of it

Are you breaking up this routine throughout the day? From everything I’ve read on here it seems that hanging and pumping don’t go well together with a lot of people. I would suggest maybe hanging in the morning and pumping in the evening.

I am leaving like 1-2 hours between hanging first, then pumping. May I ask, what you mean by not going too well?

From what I read it caused loss of EQ for most who have tried it. I would say go for it for a few days and see if you have any loss in EQ.

Well no longer pumping as it seem very few people see results with it, I am now jelqing 20 mins and hanging 40 mins. I know it may not seem like a long time but any longer and I will lose interest and stop P.E. From other fast gainers routines, I also take two days off. I have a theory but want to see if it pans out. Can’t believe I have stuck it out nearly a month.

Good to see that you are doing well for almost a month. Are you seeing eny results? What type of hanger do you use, a commercial one or a homemade one?

"If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." -Bruce Lee

Yes, seeing results in the flaccid stretched length. I am using home made, very basic thought does the job. Cut down to 5 days on and 2 days off. Same 40 mins hanging and 20 mins jelqs where I stretch at same time. I am not going to measure maybe for another 2 months. Don’t want to become to obsessed cause the results seem slower. I am thinking of buying the pro penis stretch on eBay.. ADS looks like the jes and the seller has good reviews on the product.. Just puzzled to why it so cheap.. I am fine with cheap as long as it doesn’t break and does the job. Think most penis stretchers are over priced. I want to spent at-least a year with this routine, get pmma, while using ADS and then start hanging again.

Got my penis stretcher today.. Got it cheap off eBay pro extender.. Think it is Chinese copy but impressed, it’s comfy. Still sticking with same routine.

Hanging has become annoying.. I use a basic set up.. Ace bandages, clamp and S hook with weight.. Lately, it only been a month, being cut didn’t have to worry about skin and slipping off, but it’s started doing that to the point it becomes painful can’t hang for long. I know It’s time to make a proper hanger but seems so long.

Ok, maybe nothing, have 0.5 inch gain in stretched flaccid length.. Wonder when it will translates into erect gains. Also using ADS hope get to 8 inch in length soon.

Nice job meow, keep up the good work. Just started hanging again myself after a long gap.


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