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My New Method

My New Method

I am starting a new routine…the time is the same; anywhere from 2 hours a day to 4 hours a day.

I am working on the OTS…ligs right? correct me if i’m wrong!

I know we are all or atleast most of us are against erect bends; it can be very dangerous!
With the knowledge of how much you can bend and not to exceed that limit is a MUST!

I look at porn to get a nice hardon, fully or semi erect. I bend to one side for a good half hour to one hour…then do the same for the other side; after an hour or two of bends I am feeling a nice burn familiar from after hanging relexation - I love it! Then, I strap on my hanger and goto work; I feel this is VERY beneficial because it is like hanging for an extra hour or two but I believe I get alot more out of it…I reach fatigue much faster and I basically use the hanging device as an ADS but do my hanging routine…anyone tried this? Let’s get some feedback.

el: 6.5in Long / 5in Wide bpel: 7.5in long Goal: 10in Long / 6in Wide

If OTS is over the shoulder then you are working on the tunica if I am not mistaken.

If you are getting good fatigue then I would stay stick with it.

This is not something I’m going to risk trying — sounds like VERY heavy-duty strain — but if you’ve done this repeatedly without negative effect on your penis, then it sounds like you can handle it. I would stick with it and see how the gains go.

What are you trying to accomplish with this combination of bends and hanging? Are bends not for girth gains?

Sounds like he’s going for both girth and length. But it’s possible that the effects of the two exercises would be additive in both directions: the additional tunica fatigue from the bends may facilitate hanging, and vice versa. NOT something for newbies to try (or even for vets, in my opinion, if they don’t want to risk bad injury).

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