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My LOT angle...Hanging "High"?

My LOT angle...Hanging "High"?

After reading KOG’s LOT theory 101 - Bib’s LOT Theory 101
I tested my LOT and it appears to be below the 9’o’clock mark, around the 7-8 mark.

According to the theory breakdown I should be hanging “High”. What does this mean? How do I do it?
I seem to have been getting a good stretch just hanging straight down with 2kg, which I will try for a few weeks while upping the weight slowly to see if I get any gains.

I’d also like to know how to hang high. I tried ‘over the shoulder’ some time ago, but the hanger slipped off very easy and i couldn’t get much pull when it did work slightly. My LOT is also pretty low.

regards, mgus

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