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My limiting factor is my tunica (hanging)

My limiting factor is my tunica (hanging)

I’d like to start hanging soon. Should I go straight into over the shoulder hanging, or just start hanging normally?

No replies? I would’ve thought that this would be a fairly easy question to answer for those in the know.

You should start off hanging BTC and/or SD when starting out to maximize your ligs before getting to tunica work.

I’m not a newbie to P.E. According to Remeks (?) theory my limiting factor is my tunica.

First confirm your ligs deformation gains are completely maximized (since those are the easier to deform than the Tunica). No other forum of PE can target your ligs like hanging, so if you skip this step, you may be ‘short-changing’ yourself. If your penis literally points straight down already, you might skip this step, but you could still try & make sure. Any lower angle like BTC, SD, or UTL will target the suspensory ligaments.

I consider 1/8” a month or more as ‘fast gains’. As long as you’re gaining ‘fast’ I wouldn’t change things. Once you start to plateau then it’s time to change (months with little or no growth).

Your first 3 weeks don’t count by the way, no one gains during that period of hanger attachment point adjustment and skin stretching. Even if you have previous PE experience, it wont matter, you’ll still need some time to adjust.

Once you maximize potential lig gains, move on to Tunica work. Perhaps the best is the RSDT… just make sure to start very light, I hear it’s pretty intense and creates incredible fatigue all along the Tunica.

My dick doesn’t point straight up it points at maybe 30degrees above horizontal. So I guess I’ll just start hanging normally. Thing is I’m quite a lot longer than I am thicker and I don’t want to end up oddly proportioned. Hopefully my final size will be about 7x5, atm I’d estimate I’m around 6.5BPEL and 4.3/4.2MSEG.

I gained .75 inches in length the first month, and it is very possible to make great gains fast but not without hard work.

What I did was hang almost everyday, and do manual stretches / tunica stretches constantly throughout the day. I became obsessed with PE, I would cancel dinner dates with girlfriend because I had to hang. I would hang in front of her even though she thought I had real big issues. During girlfriend movie nights I would constantly be doing a manual stretch to take advantage of my idle free time. This would make her very upset. But after I got longer, I made her cum for the first time (made her very happy).

So Its been roughly two - three months since my gains and they been cemented. Now I have another girlfriend and she loves how long it is. Its only 6.5 - 6.75 nbpel (means this is the actual size when you look at it without pressing ruler against pelvis) but girls tend to have a very innacurate way to measure visually so it looks like a solid seven to women.
My Bpel is 7.50

Anyways to gain fast you should:

1.Stay focused
2.Constantly do manual stretches at least 10 times a day (every time you use bathroom, in shower with hot water, and at night in bed)
3.hang very day with one day rests per week (only after newbie routine, you don’t want to overdo it) forum posts from pros who have done it successfully
5.become obessed with PE and realize
6. hang safely and smartly

***do newbie routine first because you need to know your penis better and how it responds to stretching.

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