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My Light Weight Hanging Routine

My Light Weight Hanging Routine

I shower with hot water, warming up my penis for about 5 min.

I attach my ESL40 hanging cup.

I attach 4.5Lbs of weight tied to a string with a clip on the end that attaches to the hanging cup. (When I started, it was with 2.5Lbs, and I increased 1Lb at a time, I don’t plan to exceed 10Lbs)
The weight is attached low enough so its about 6-12” off the floor, which is necessary for the routine.

I stand straight up with legs spread slightly wider than shoulder width. I then start moving back and forth to get the weight swinging back and forth.

I then begin making the swinging motion work by relaxing when it swings back, then gently tightening groin muscles and a slight kegel to propel it forward.

I do this for about 5 min, then detach and give a 1 min break.

I then reattach and take a slightly wider stance and use my hand to start the weight swinging in a clock wise motion. I the use my hips to continue the motion.
After 2.5 min, I reverse to counter clockwise and proceed for another 2.5 min.

I then detach for a 1 min break.

I then reattach for a back and forth routine.

My workouts vary from 2 Pendulums and 1 Helicopter, to 3 Pendulums and 2 Helicopters. (Not sure if anyone calls these by these names, but I do.)

I then resume my shower for a cool down.

I use this in conjunction with an ADS, light jelqing, and periodic Uli and Horse Squeeze routines. I haven’t been doing this for an extended time as of now, or consistently, because I have been working on creating my routine.
I enjoy this routine, it does produce fatigue, and I pay close attention to my body. Starting at 2.5Lbs was a good place to avoid injury, (this is not my first time doing PE exercises, so I am somewhat conditioned anyway.

My main goal is to add base girth and girth as a whole with Uli and Horse Squeezes. I’m not looking for extreme length gains, another inch and I wouldn’t want much more because I am 7” now and I can practically bottom out my girlfriend.

My goal is 1/2” to 1” of girth.

The ESL40 ADS is more of a maintenance. I like keeping my penis extended to maximum for a few hours a day through out the day to help reinforce that I want it extended. Perhaps will help with elongation of cells over time, and help micro tears heal in an extended state.

This can be a fairly stealthy routine. Get up early, and no one will know you took a long time in the shower. If done in the evening, speed up your shower process, shave quickly, if questioned, you were shaving, clipping nails, etc, or if all else fails, you felt so dirty you thought a shower would help, but it didn’t - That will change her train of thought.. Lol
Me, I could care less if she knew or not. I keep my equipment in a combination lock box in a drawer in the bathroom. I don’t flaunt it, but don’t care if she knows or not. There’s no shame in working to get a bigger dick.

Seems like a positive routine. Let us know how it works out in three months. Best of luck.

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