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My idea of a new hanger

My idea of a new hanger

To make a short story, I like the idea of hanging since I focus on length and I thought of this for a new hanger.

Im a bodybuilder and I was looking after my straps this morning when I got this flash. At home, I have a TheraP strap, some ankle weights and straps. The only thing Im missing is a clamp and I think it would make a good hanger.

1- Wrap your penis with the TheraP band.
2- Put the strap over the TheraP band mid shaft level (the hook kind thing down)
3- Put the clamp in place so the strap is in place
4- Put the ankle weights in place and that’s it.

I’m not that informed about hanging, I will start doing some search on this right now, but what do you think about this hanger ? It may look more expensive than the other one that I knew, but I already got all this material except for the cable clamp.

I’m not quite understanding what the strap is. Is it a cloth weightlifting strap that you’ve put a hook on?

The ankle weights are suspended from the hook?

I wish you luck, but I think that with weights pulling at it the wrist wrap will slip off your dick. You need something that grips on to your penis better. The strap may also slip out of the clamp if they aren’t affixed to the TheraP band in some way.

You’re basically using the same idea as a - Captain’s Wench with what you’re talking about, so as long as you’re going to the store to get a cable clamp, maybe you should just get all the materials and make a Wench instead.


Not sure I understand what you are talking about using to build your hanger.
Save yourself some time and effort. Go build you a Captain’s Wrench. Need one more part to build mine this weekend.

Tired of trying to do it myself. Going with the pros.

Sorry if it is not easy to understand, I know it is not. I always had trouble explaining too.

I attach a file (it is the kind of strap Im talking about). But I dont pass the strap in hole for my hanger, I just let the strap straight, and use the “hole” as the hook.

So I wrap with my TheraP band, put the strap straight on the TheraP band with the “hole” (hook) downward , use my cable clamp to tight the strap so it doesnt fall, and then I just attach the ankle weights to the “hole”, and that’s it.

Using the clamp make the hanger using lateral compression mostly, so I think it could work.

I hope you understand better this way.

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If you haven’t got the clamp already, get both a medium and large size. You might need the larger size to get all the way around the TheraP.

Chunky I’ve only been hanging for about a week and a half,so I’m no expert.but I’m with the others.if you have to go get a clamp anyway,just get the stuff you need and make yourself a’s really easy to make and very comfortable to use.I have to use a hose clamp on it because I can’t get the medium sized cable clamp closed but I imagine as the wench softens up it will work with the cable clamp.also I just screwed to hook eyes into the sides of my desk where you put your legs.I attach a small bungee cord to each hook and to the loop in my wench.this gives me a nice straight out stretch.if I want more tension I just roll my chair back a little until I feel a nice pull and I can do virtually anything else I want at the same time.just slide the keyboard in from time to time to check for coldness or numbness.but unless you can afford a bib,the wench is the way to go.

All you’d need to make a Wench is a little industrial strength Velcro™, and some gripper pads, all available at the neareat Home Despot™… I made great gains hanging with a Wench, but experiment with your idea, and let us all know how it works…


p.s., If you’re in the Province of Quebec, look for something called “Le Velcro™” when you go to the store…

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