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My hanging experience

My hanging experience

I’ve hanged for about a week now.
I’m using a bib-hanger, you can see pics of the set-up in my log.

My routine is:
Light pre-haning (5min)
3.3lbs hanging (10min) (SD/BTC mix)
Break (5min)
3.3lbs hanging (10min)

I’m using an IR-lamp while hanging.
I’m doing a mix of SD/BTC where I lean back and I put up my legs.

When doing that I feel it in the ligs, I don’t know if that’s fatigue? (How does that feel?)
Anyway, I’m feeling that I’m doing right since can feel the stretch in the ligs which I couldn’t do with manual stretching.

Any thoughts about my hanging?

BPEL: 7.25"

HG: ~6.25" | MEG:6.25" | Low shaft EG:6.5" | BG: 7"

The fatigue that we refer to here is a semi-sore feeling. If hanging correctly, you indeed will feel the pull in your ligs so you appear to be hanging correctly. We may have to increase your sets or weight in order to experience lig fatigue.

Initial soreness may be related to skin stretch. I would describe that as a sharp “pain” almost. Fatigue is more like a dull ache.

One way to recognize the difference is the “pain” from skin pull is felt immediately and possibly subsides a bit as you get accustomed to it. Obviously fatigue would never occur right away. The “ache” from fatigue comes for me around the 12 - 15 minute mark of set number 1 and then the feeling returns sooner on each following set so by the time I do my last set, the fatigue kicks in by the 2 minute mark.

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