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My Hanging Apparatus

My Hanging Apparatus

So, in addition to my main form of PE, which is extending, I supplement with Bathmate pumping while in the spa about every other day. But now, I incorporate four 15 minute hanging sessions daily, if possible using this setup:

The white material is rubberized shelf liner wrapped around my Vacextender sleeve (no extension rod device). Under the towel is rice sock.

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Sorry, towel and rice sock is cutoff in pic. It’s just below the lower edge of the photo.

That’s not a PVC pipe?

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Originally Posted by ykm123321
That’s not a PVC pipe?

Yes it is. I was actually using the rope and pulley for some exercises and had put some pvc pipe “handles” on there. I just never removed them as I just set it up as an impromptu hanging station since it was already there hanging from my chin-up bar. The convenient item was the waterbag weight that I had laying around from some surplus physical therapy equipment. It indicates the weight in pounds based on the line water level shown on the bag. Handy dandy.

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