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My hanger

My hanger

After three attempts a think I’ve made a decent hanger. Here is how I made it:

The hard outside is PVC tube. Its shape was created by hovering it over a hot flame for 30 seconds and bending with pliers. The softer inside is a spring supported radiator hose (spring removed). It was super glued to the inside of the PVC. I’ve also included a hinge much like the production bibs.

It seems very comfortable and has very good grip. I did have a problem using it which I’ve heard other people complain about with other hangers. A tingling in the glans a few minutes after hanging. It sort of feels like pins and needles. I solved this by simply keeping it looser.

I’ve included some pictures so tell me what you think.

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Looks a bit like the Bib hanger. Nice job!

The resemblence is uncanny… they could be brothers! :D

Nice work, HangerMan! How much did it cost you, and how difficult was it to make?


The PVC I found laying around the house, so I don’t know how much it was. The radiator hose was around $10, and the nuts and bolts nickled and dimed me up to about $5. The super glue I got in a pack of 5 at the dollar store for $1.

Molding the PVC without burning it took some time to master, but once the PVC was heated it was easy to bend where I wanted it. Finding a comfortable inside material took a while. I tried some other materials that were harder but had less grip so they required the hanger to be tighter resulting in bad circulation. I wanted something that was kind of rubbery, so the only thing I could think of were those radiator hoses. Something I didn’t plan was the extra grip from the indents where the spring used to be in the hose. The spring left indents, they can be seen in the picture making the hanger grip very well.

I put one of these hangers together about 2 years ago, but didn’t use a hinge so it would take a good 5 minutes to set up. I had trouble using it with out pain so I gave up. Recently I decided to give it another shot and put the hinge on the hanger, set up time was reduced to seconds, allowing me to find out what I was doing wrong while using it. I’m kicking myself for not putting the hinge on earlier, but what can you do about it?

Also, right now I’m making some decent gains off of just five pounds. The weight doesn’t even feel like that much but within this past month I’ve gained just a hair less than 1/4” in BPFS, maybe 1/8” in BPEL, just enough to start bottoming out on my girlfriend. That makes all this worth it.

Thanks for the compliments.

Doesn’t the plastic edge hurt when pushing against the ridge of your dick head?

No hanger that I know of is positioned to touch the edge of the glans. First wrap is used, so even if there was no softer material lining the inside, the harder PVC wouldn’t hurt my penis. As a matter of fact when I was testing the shape of the hanger, I used it without the softer inside and it didn’t hurt. The only problem with having no inside material is the lack of grip. If you observe one of the hanging tutorial videos, you will see how hangers should be positioned.

Hey Hangerman,looks good.Keep us posted on how it works out.I’m using a Captains wench,and I love it !I’m considering something different though as I want to increase the weight ,and over ten pounds the wench rides the glans too hard.

Looks like an excellent liner. Maybe it helps stiffen your sides, but I found a single layer of schedule 40 PVC (3” pipe split and flattened out) was too flexible. 2 thicknesses on each side would help. IIRC, Bib recommended 3-4 to make it even more rigid.

Do the sides flex when you tighten? How much do you tighten? I really crank it down.

Man Hangman, it looks terrific- actually like big starter I got in May. Are you thinking of going commercial?

If I tighten the hanger a lot, the PVC does flex a little but I don’t tighten to that point. I just recently discovered that I could wear it relatively loose and still get a very good pull. It was very easy to go overboard and tighten too much but I started experimenting with it loose and discovered the incredible pull I would still get if I kept it a lot looser. I would like to emphasize that my penis reacts much differently to hanging. After a set with a very tight hanger my penis would retract for a few minutes and then go back to normal. Now with it much looser my penis just hangs after a set. And like I mentioned earlier no tingling or pins and needles. I designed it to be very open at the top to avoid pinching any nerves, but when the hanger is too tight it’s going to cut off blood flow no matter what.

Thanks for the compliment. I really wanted to get a bib, but I can’t order something like that to my house so I had to make one that was as close as possible. If I invented this, maybe I would sell it but I’m just ripping off someone else’s idea. If there is an interest, I may make another for documentation purposes showing how to construct one.

Very clever:)

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Yea this hanger look’s pretty much perfect. I would be willing to buy one if someone would make it for me? I have zero confidence in my handyman skills. Pm me anyone?

good job!

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Very nice.

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