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my first post

my first post

so i have been hanging since late october 2002. i increased weight slowly month to month. from 2.5 lbs. to 5 the next month to now 7.5 lbs now. when did most start seeing length gains from hanging? i have been doing 4 sets of 15 4 to 5 days a week. no length gains yet. although i have had girth gains from jelqing im suspecting since i do jelq. usually btc ots sometimes over the legs also if i have time.

Welcome sonny8

You’re wise to start out light. I started hanging mid August (5.5 lbs) and by mid Nov. (11 lbs) I had gained less than .25 inch.

I stopped hanging temporarily because of privacy issues but I can tell you that three months of “conservative” hanging gained me about 3/16 of an inch.

I’ll take minimal gains with the injury-free guarantee anyday.

Good luck

Some people need to find the right weight amount. For me it was 12 lbs . I am at the place where I feel LONG hang times are better then LARGE weight. After you get things moving (start getting fatigued) you will not need large weight to get into fatigue. But the goal is fatigue. You might need to hang a couple of sets of higher weight to get “things moving” then drop and hang in the fatigued state. Are u using a good hanger? if a bib or bib starter, you can go to 10 or 12 lbs and try hanging straight out off to the sides a little then you can drop to 7 if you need less weight. I hang 18 all day with the bib’s. Thanks bib.



I did not start noticing real gains till I got to 7.5 lbs. Some guys are lower, some much higher.

Johnny is right on. But do not move up too fast.


So, it is not about the overall weight of hanging from what I am seeing but the fatigue? Correct?

Ok 7.5 seems to be pretty heavy, so might this be an indicator to stay at this weight for a while? I do use a “BIB” starter. Thanks.


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