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My first hang

Alright gapinga, tone it down already :) Being fairly new, I find myself overwhelmed with the amount of information on this topic as well as the amount of conflicting opinions. Thats not to be argumentative, but simply to point out my experience on this board. Great people.and yes tons of good information, but a bit overwhelming for someone that doesn’t have 3-5 hours a day to warm up, exercise, cool down, and research.on top of work and full body exercise.

Also, keep in mind, some people are great at sifting through information, seeing the picture, formulating a plan and being successful. Others, like myself, simply get lost after performing a search, reading 2 or 3 pages, clicking a link or two.the other day I found myself deep into a clamping discussion when I set out to read about wrapping. Call it ADD, I don’t know.

I’m simply trying to maximize what I can do with the amount of time that I have. If it means that much to all of you, Ill cut it back. 5lbs and 7.5lbs seemed pretty light, so I increased to 10lb. I do have to say 10 feels good.a bit on the intense/intimidating side.but good.

I read as many hanging threads as I could for several weeks before I made a wench. Research is essential, and this place is full of advice.

Here’s a nice little tip, get a post it note, write on it what you are researching, and stick it at the top of your screen. Also open a notepad, and copy and paste interesting points into it so you can review what you’ve discovered (also copy the post link). Good research is about good habits.

Yes there are differing opinions, but pretty much everyone agrees that you start at a low weight 2-5lbs, and only increase 1lb per week when you are hanging consistently.

Thanks Stuzilla - I’m definitely gonna tone it down.although I did 3 x10mins with 10lb BTC hang today and it was fantastic.

Also, I havent found anything specific discussing what I should do with my hanging routine. I’m planning on 5 on 2 off (can’t hang on the weekends) and mixing in some jelqing just to keep the blood flowing.not WHILE I’m hanging, obviously, but after my hanging sets and a hot wrap

You tell me that you are going to calm it down, and then rave about how great 10lbs is! Honestly, so many people feel like this at the start, then the injury comes, and then it is no PE whatsoever for a while. Plus, if you tear your ligs you will add scar tissue, which will reduce your chances of gaining/make gains tougher and increase your chances of repeated injury. You have 3 people here telling you not to do what you are doing.

Hanging 101 + Sample Routine for starters, which is linked in Most Important Hanging Threads, which is a sticky at the top of this forum (and has alreay been pointed out by gapinga).

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I got it already!! :) That was my last 10lb workout. I’m droppin back to 5 and will be at 10 again in 5 weeks. I really appreciate the input guys. Ill let ya know how it goes

Originally Posted by happi_g_more

3) can someone point me to a good routine for hanging?

You might also find this thread helpful.

Hanging 101

Check out the hanging thread showing pictures of where you should be attaching the hanger. Make sure it is at LEAST 1.5 inches back from the head, Two inches is better. Using less weight is better, and I mean better for gains. Keep it as low as you can, trust me when I say you don’t want to get to the point where you are using 25+ lbs off your penis.

I just started hanging again with the bib and find it hard to hang more than 3.75 pounds. I feel like 10 is unthinkable for a newbie. Somethings got to be wrong.

Started (6/10): BPFSL= 7"

Now (11/10): BPFSL= 7.5"

Goal (10/11): BPFSL= 8.5"

Originally Posted by youngone30
I just started hanging again with the bib and find it hard to hang more than 3.75 pounds. I feel like 10 is unthinkable for a newbie. Somethings got to be wrong.

Some people have a better nervous system than others. Take your time, remember that 1lb per week is the recomended maximum increase. Go at your own pace. When I reached about 7lbs, I hit a weight where I had to lower the weight, several times. Overall it is better to hang what you can rather than not hang.

One of the most underestimated fundamentals is the wrap. Hanging low weights gives you a chance to experiment with wrapping. Getting your wrap right often leads to more comfortable hanging sessions.

Just to keep this updated. It’s been 4 more weeks and now I’m back up to 10. I should be at 9 but I don’t have the increments and my weight stack is becoming unwieldy. Things I’ve noticed:

1) I’m still having a hell of a time getting consistent wraps. I’ve switched to a Captains Wench and I love it, but I’m still slipping a regular basis. Basically it’s slipping over the “shoulder” of the penis and then constricting more on the head. I still get good hangs, but I know this isn’t good for the gland. When I do get a good wrap, BTC is heaven. I almost feel like I want to get a chubby, but I think through it.
2) I simply haven’t had any EL gains. My flaccid is still hanging real nice and long.
3) EQ went through the roof the first 4 weeks, but has since subsided. I think I need to back off the porn a bit
4) Last, and ill post this more thoroughly in another section, but I wanted to document it here. My staying power has absolutely bottomed out. I don’t know what in the hell is going on, but I can’t have sex for more then 60 seconds without cumming. I’ve been PEing for 7months now and this JUST came up.within the last 3 weeks I’ve had sex 4 times.all resulted in quick ejaculation. Same partner for years, some positions. Either it’s due to exhaustion and stress, my dick IS bigger resulting in more stimulation, or I’ve developed some physical or mental problem.

You seem to be getting a sexual kick out of hanging, this may be leading to you being in a sexual charged state most of the time, therefore it takes less time to reach the PONR.
You have slightly damaged your nerves.
Something else

You should stop and reposition the hanger if it slips down too far. Are you getting an internal itch/tingling in the penis/glans?

Lighter weight, tighten it more. I was never a fan of the wench.

Thanks again for the replies

Stuzilla - the only itching or burning that I get is from skin stretching. I think sometimes the hanger is a bit too close to the base which results in some pulling on the skin. As for the gland, the only sensation I get is coldness. Again, I know it’s not good and I know I’m doing something wrong most of the time causing not enough circulation.but I’m still trying to get the hang of it (no pun intended). As for the sexual could be. I don’t feel aroused or notice any mental stimulation from it.but on my first set, the first 10 seconds or so just feels really good as things start to pull.

Ironaddict69 - I can’t imagine going below 10lbs, it just doesn’t feel like anything.but I can give it a try.

In the end, I’m guessing Ill have to end up switching contraptions again.

Spring and get a vac hanger my man, you’ll be glad you did. The bib NEVER worked for me. Lots of wasted time with that one.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69

Lighter weight, tighten it more. I was never a fan of the wench.

Why don’t you like the wench?


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