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My first Bib / Help!

My first Bib / Help!


It’s me again, guys.

I got my first Bib, so I decided to buy the starter.

My first question is about what I have to put between my dick and the Bib. Is it necessary to use Theraband? If I cut stripes from a T-shirt, would that work? Is Theraband sticky? What’s the purpose of it?

I am uncut (although very short foreskin) and my size is 7 bp x 5.

Further questions will come soon.


The Theraband is just a proven wrap that works well for a lot of guys to make hanging more comfortable. It’s texture helps keep the Bib from slipping off while hanging.

Different wraps work for different guys. If the T-shirt is comfortable for you, then use it. Some use a double wrap layer of say a T-shirt (or something soft) followed by the Theraband followed by the hanger.

A few guys are able to hang without any wrap.

The key is to make it as comfortable as possible without allowing any slippage of the hanger. So test what works best for you.

To get started, you should really read up on the instructions from the Bib web site:

Did you buy any Therabrand along with the device? If so, it takes some time to adjust to the weird feeling it may give you. I assume that the sticky feeling is weirding you out? If you didn’t buy any therabrand there should be plenty of medical supply stores and even an odd drug store with it in the NYC area.

Some people like to add a single baby sock with the wrap to make it more comrfortable. Just cut the toes of the end and slip it on. There are a few threads on the baby sock thing here.

If you are having propblems wrapping cause you are uncut there are a few threads about that. Also the European master of Hanging SS4Jelq has a few threads on just that too.

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