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My doubts about VacuHanger

My doubts about VacuHanger

So I have reached the point where I want to hang with with a Wrapping and my VacuHanger seems to not go well with my penis.

As you may know I hang with the Vacu without any wrapping of any sort. Ive been getting some discoloration on the head and bottom shaft area.

So I have been thinking of buying a BibHanger starter and put the Grey Theraband and Ace Bandage to good use.

How many of you hangers prefer the BibHanger or the VacuHanger?

Start 2-31-10 ___ EL:4.3"_____ BPEL: 4.75" ____ EG: 4.25"

Current ________ EL: 4.9" ___ BPEL: 5.9" _____ EG: 4.6"

Goal ___________ EL: 6.5" ____ EG: 5.25" ______________ New Routine: Jelqing 5 minutes, then Hang (12.5 lbs.) for 20 mins. a day

I’ve never used a vacuhanger for those exact reasons. I’ve read about discoloration and other negative effects from prolonged vacuum exposure. I have always used a Bib hanger, and I’ve been happy with it. Theres a very long learning curve with hanging technique when using a Bib, I guess that’s the downside.

From wrap, to hexnuts, to hanger adjustment including tightness, angles etc— there’s a fair amount to learn.

I think with both hanger types there’s a period of adjustment, so I think that’s a moot point (in terms of pros vs cons)

Originally Posted by blink2000
I’ve never used a vacuhanger for those exact reasons. I’ve read about discoloration and other negative effects from prolonged vacuum exposure.

Which negative effects?

As I said in my topic, I’ve been using ADS with growing force to the point it can now be considered hanging; since in the end it’s a vacuhanger, I’d be interested in those negative things you mentioned.

I’ll give you one example.

ADS (All Day Stretching) Knowledge base
“I used this system for 1.5 years, after manual stretching for only 5 minutes without a warm up, I attached the extender and was averaging about 3-4 hours per evening and totalling up to 9 hours by attaching the sleeve by string to a bottle weighing 1 -1.5lbs which hung off the end of my bed. Most of the time however, my penis felt cold and the tightness of the sleeve, wrinkling of skin underneath the sleeve or night time erections would wake me up and force me to take it off for the rest of the night.

My penis was not a pretty sight after a while, I had a red circle at the glans tip from the vacuum and the skin around the corona became thick and white. Another reoccuring injury I had was a friction blister at the top of the sensitive shaft skin next to the glans ridge - this stopped my ADS for several weeks altogether.

I had a less accurate way of measuring back then but I started at 7.5” and reached a maximum of 8.75” however I believe that by lining up visually my penis and ruler, I was adding about 1/2” to the actual size so it was probably closer to 8.25”.”

Well, first of all that user tried the vacuum hanging during night, which is twice a bad idea: the penis is constrained and cannot change direction (awful when you can have unaware erections), and you may oversleep - leaving it in that situation for far too long.
I tried the same once, and that’s by far the worst thing I ever did in PE - and the closest I’ve get to an injury.

About the red circle or white skin, immediately after the vac head removal, that can happen in the beginning: it usually lasts for less than a minute.
Actually, of course I still get some color change immediately after the removal, but nothing I’ve ever considered abnormal. And again, it disappears in a few seconds.

The blister is a different story; that’s very painful, till the moment new skin forms over the blister area.
2 causes:
- excessive pressure over an unconditioned penis/glans.
- maybe, water or other liquids inside the vac head. I don’t think this is sufficient by itself, but it could worsen the skin situation.

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