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My ADS construction

My ADS construction

After being inspired by this thread Don’t Measure it, Weigh it. I thought of getting an ADS. However, I had to question the circular ADS and say is there something better? Well I don’t know but it is cheap as hell.

So by next morning I had devised a plan. I was going to make an ADS using fishing weights and a malleable wire. This is what you will need:

-with holes through centre
-oval looked the most comfortable
-purchased 6x1 oz weights, non lead (larger/lead could work)
Total Cost = $4.50 Canadian

- weight’s hole was to small for regular metal coat hanger
- I cut open wire used for in homes to get copper wire
- copper being more malleable maybe better than coat hangers

- or something else to stop weights from spinning

-to bend, pull, and hold wire


1.Cut wire to desired length, after several attempts I would suggest cutting more than you think you will need
2.If wire has coating take off, unless it fits in the weight
3.Add as many weights that will be needed to form a U or a circle around your shaft
4.Tape weights securely to wire
5.Cut ends of wire to desired length

Use as you will.

So far I have left near 1 cm ( .4-5 of an inch or so) of wire sticking our of the ends and have been wearing it for several hours in such a fashion. They rub the legs every so often, so I would suggest taping them back, cutting them off and taping end, or leaving them on and bending them into hooks in order to lock them in place.

Has anyone else made one like this?

If so, how was it for you?

Couldnt get a thing of what you are trying to say. Can you post some pics?

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Hope this helps, it’s nothing special but it has kept my flaccid elongated for the last two hours.

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Is that more of like an all day hanging device? Or am I seeing it wrong

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Originally Posted by Fallacy911
Is that more of like an all day hanging device? Or am I seeing it wrong

That is correct, an All Day Stretching devise. However, I haven’t tried wearing it under my clothes for an entire day. I plan on using it mostly for several hours after hanging and/or around the house. I’ve also used it for kegels as a light weight.

I have never looked into ADS devices with any great detail so this design may already be kicking around here. I just had to post it because it is SO cheap and comfortable.

Oh and I also plan on using it with hanging. As a way to slowly increase the weight, as I do not currently have any weights less than 1-2 lbs.

It looks like you could make several of those to increase the weight. In other words stack them like you would golf weights. I don’t think one would help much. If each one weighs 6 oz’s, that is about the same as a golf weight and less than Monti’s. I don’t really see an advantage to what you have created over using golf weights, which I think cost less than 2 bucks at wallmart. I see the disadvantage as the wire ends.

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